Storyline I got paid Joey Bryant's salary for this apperance

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  1. With each beat a part of the arena turns off. A light shoots up from the stage and at the 7 second mark smoke billows up to the top of the arena! The smoke is sucked back into the stage revealing a silhouetted figure. With each beat, the light that was taken out is replaced with a vibrant red.

    Dat Kid stands at the top of the stage wearing a black duster coat outlined in red. Kid walks quickly down to the ring, taking off his coat in the process.

    A microphone stand sits in the ring. Kid looks at it then looks at the crowd, who's response was already high. Kid swipes his arms quickly and everything abruptly cuts back to normal, leaving only the sound of the overwhelmed crowd.

    Do not be deceived by what your eyes see! This is not a rebirth, what you see in this ring is a dying man. It took me a while to realize it, but I am a man dying of boredom. I'm not injured, im not rusty, im not even angry at management for once. I am just so fucking bored. So it was then I realized that I have to walk in the footsteps of God cause I had the chance to read the bible at my last hotel orgy since they keep those in the drawers.

    There's an interesting chapter called Genesis and to sum it up God did it all in 7 days. Now the rest of that book is a bunch of bullshit cause what they don't tell you is god hightailed it out of there on Day 8 so he could go fuck a black hole.

    My Day 8 comes this Wrestlemania and it doesn't matter if I'm wearing gold by then or not. God is leaving IWT. If there's anything I learned from doing FSW is that when I leave, IWT starts to decay, so the best way to make sure this place breaths its last breath in 2015 is to put myself in a grave first.

    Don't get it twisted for as second though. This isn't some old veteran speech. I WILL NOT go out on with a whimper. This man dies with the sound of IWT headquarters imploding as his final breath,

    I didn't come out here in gear for nothing either, so now that I'm done, why don't you send out someone so they can find out what a $1000 boot taste like.
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  2. The lights in the arena once again go dark.

    As the titantron starts to play strobe lights flash with the rhythm of the drums as they hit. Trip in the Head slowly walks out from behind the curtain wearing the same mask, long leather coat with a hoody underneath and black wrestling gear as in the video shown earlier.
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    He walks down the aisle step by step with his arms up and out towards Dat Kid in the ring. Trip steps on the ring apron and again slides a thumb under the front of the mask and takes it off over his head, along with the hoody and jacket, exposing the scarred face and eye patch over his left eye. He throws his gear to the side and enters the ring through the ropes as Dat Kid prepares for a fight.

    But before any punches can be thrown Trip quickly bows in front of Dat Kid with his arms out like he walked to the ring.

    Announcer: It looks like Trip in the Head is.....sacrificing himself to Dat Kid?
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  3. Dat Kid cocks his head to the side. Kid paces in front of Trip, keeping his eyes locked on him.

    Welcome back.

    Kid walks past Trip and starts to exi- KID TURNS AROUND AND BIG BOOTS TRIP IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Kid hurriedly grabs a steel chair from under ring. He props it on it's head in front of Trip's face as Trip starts to get back up. Kid swings his leg up and kicks the chair right into Trip's head! Kid doesnt take second to stop as he grabs Trip by the hair and uppercuts his eye a few times.

    Kid drags Trip who is leaking blood from the bottom of his mask. Kid throws him over the ropes on to the apron, traps his arms in between, Trip is barely standing on the apron. Kid looks at the crowd, runs towards the ropes but stops himself. Kid wags his finger, picks up the chair and places it between on Trip's head. He runs to the ropes again and big boots the back of Trips head again!

    Trip falls off the apron.

    Kid, still standing in the ring, smiles.

    ...jesus wept.
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  4. OOC (open)
    About time

    Doctors and EMTs rush down the ramp as Dat Kid stands smiling in the ring. With the camera angle focusing on the ring from the ramp side a bloody and shaky hand suddenly reaches up from the outside of the opposite side of the ring and plants itself on the edge of the ring apron before the medical staff can get there. As the medical staff make there way to Trip's side he waves them off violently while stumbling slightly as he regains his composure and stands up. He reaches up and grabs the ropes, using them to pull himself up slowly, obviously having a rough time after the beating Dat Kid just gave him. Once he reaches his feet he glances at Dat Kid and smiles (OOC: No mask anymore Kid) before ducking through the ropes to enter the ring once more. Standing in the ring with a bloody stare Trip eyes Dat Kid as if to say "That all you got?" before he spits a blood filled lugey on the mat in front of Dat Kid. Then, strangely enough, Trip in the Head presents himself to Dat Kid in the same manner he did before, kneeling down with both his arms out and his head down.

    Announcer: What is Trip doing!? He's just returned from a major injury and he's going to be put out with another if he keeps this nonsense up. What is he trying to prove? By gawd, how will he even participate in the Royal Rumble later!? (OOC: Cause this started before the Rumble technically, right?)
  5. Dat Kid crouches at eye level with Trip. Kid slaps Trip across the face, Trip turns around asking for more. Kid slaps him again, Trip does the same. Kid just continues to slap him, getting angrier. Trip even seems to be enjoying it. Kid tackles Trip and starts to choke him.

    Security runs out and pulls Dat Kid out of the ring who tries his best to wiggle free.

    You're gonna die! I guarantee it! Ahhh! Jesus! ...wept. :jeritroll:
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  6. OOC: nice, that went well. Wasn't planning on it but you wanna extend this through mania.....? Got anything else planned?
  7. Killing Joey Bryant
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  8. Oh thats cool man - have fun with that then. Enjoyed the beat down.
  9. Can run it to EC though
  10. Ok, depends on what happens to that PPV I guess. There's a thread asking if we should axe it or not. Might just be another Uprising for build to WM depending on whats decided.
  11. The lights drop as the crowd begins to cheer loudly - Dollar bills are raining down from the ceiling for Aids Johnson's 100th Titantron theme.

    Aids Johnson walks out to a random huge smark pop, wearing an "El Nino™" mask - only sold at He shuffles and douche walks his way to the top of the stage before holding up his microphone! OYYEEEE!

    The only thing worse than a Mexican, is a fake one. *Crowd boo's* Houston, Texas, Aids Johnson is in the building! Recieve forgiveness, or burn in the fire of eternity. *Aids looks at Dat Kid and the security force, who had begun fighting again as the lights darkened* Look at this poor excuse for a human being. Joey Bryant's salary! Everyone cheer! *crowd cheers for the money dropped to them* but you forget a midcard salary means nothing to those at the top of the building. I watched your terrible promo from the owners block formerly owned by Britannica, and I couldn't help myself.

    You are a pariah, the person here who should be held back the way I AM, and yet they welcome you back, but only call to me when IWT's cards are down. I am the savior who is only useful when needed, but no one will forget my name. You? You will be remembered the same Heaven's Gate is remembered. You made the paper, but I am in the title, the "thank you" page, and listed in every source used. Remember who made you.

    You may say you "have better things to do" at Wrestlemania, listing your history of matches - like father like son - no one will pay attention to your claims to fame. You come back because you need IWT, you never were successful on your own, I know because it is the same for me. The difference, however, is I am a 3x IWT Champion, and Hall of Fame member, while you are just a failed businessman and the man forever dictated in the history books as the one graced with the IWT championship before my FORMER victim Victoria Parker took it from you.

    You are nothing. *Aids rips off his El Nino mask, throwing it into the crowd* You will never be anything, as long as you are the protege, because this world *Aids swings his hands* only know you as mine. Hey, you ever seen the Chevy with the butterfly doors?

    Aids turns around, and walks out while Security goes after Dat Kid again, who is yelling absurdities at them and everyone around while Trip lays without life still in the spot he was left at.
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