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  1. We see Midas sitting in a plush chair in what looks to be a fine sitting room, stirring a glass of brandy with his title belts resting on the oak table next to the chair. He looks into the camera and begins to speak.

    At the Anniversary show, I went through what was possibly my toughest match to date. I struggle to remember when I last had a match that put me through the ringer as much as this one. Alias Antonio and I didn't just go out there to compete, we went out there to beat each other up, and that we did. Alias, I got to give credit where credit is do. You're.......

    Midas throws the glass out of frame, shattering. And flies out of the chair.

    But you're still a little bitch! And you're little buddy ain't shit! I'm still king! You couldn't take my European title from me and you sure can't take the tag team titles from me! You couldn't take me on my worst day, so what makes you think that you are going to be able to take me at my best? In the environment that I revolutionized! Drake and I, we are tag team wrestling. And at the Slammies, we are going to put you through the three most dangerous letters in the wrestling alphabet. T...L...C.

    Midas holds the belts up high.

    These are my titles, I'll defend them with my very life. And at the Slammies, the man that I consider a brother and I put our tag team titles on the line once more. And once more we will prove, that you are just a bitch.

    See you are the slammies, Bitch!

    Midas walks out of frame and we fade to black.
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  2. Looks like Stop changed his character to Jesse,