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  1. Chris Kaizer walks out with the European Champion. He is wearing his top 10 seller shirt "Arrive.Sleep.Leave". He makes his way into the ring.

    Well, what a week it's been for the second generation. Alias..well, Alias did nothing, but still. Joey Bryant defeated and single headly retired, Farooq. And retained his title. But, if I may so so, the most important thing, Chris Kaizer won the European title. I pinned Lord Lee right in the middle of this ring. I ended his mediocre title reign. Yes, mediocre, I'm sorry, but your opponent not showing up doesn't make you good. I was arguably Lord Lee's biggest challenge, and, his biggest challenge, would be his last. The European title is my, first of many, titles here in IWT. And my next title around my waist, will also be Joey Bryant's next title. The Tag Team titles. Currently held by 2/3 of SIN...2/3 is also the number of the members of SIN I have beaten, I feel like make it making 3/3. Now, Spinnz has been running around lately talking about money and shit, Frie has just been doing what he does best, losing, and Andrew just recently got him self a world title shot. Great, now he can lose to the second generation twice at MITB. You can challenge for my European Championship, we can make it three times if ya want?

    If the second generation wins at MITB, we will then hold 1/2 of the belts in IWT...1/2. Pretty impressive. I could go for the Hardcore title...make it 2/3....that's the same numb-oh forget it. Frie will just say "k" anyway....breaking kayfabe? Eh.

    Andrew, in our match, you said that there is a war, and there is. That there will be casualties. There will be, but it won't be me and Joey. It will SIN. SIN will be a NECESSARY CASUALTY.

    Kaizer slept.
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