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  1. *The most retarded song in the world prompts to Artist walking out with the rest of the district*

    "Nero you seem very confident leading to your mania match who says we can't have a match? Deal or are you going to go Dat Kid and say your to cool to make a jobber..job? Has your 1 match against Reagan Cole a man i've destroyed and so has everyone here, gone to your head?"

    @Nero_x3 What you say​

  2. *Kousaki heads down the ramp and realizes who's in the ring*

    Kousaki: You know, at this point I'm just wasting my time here. You're 2 and 7 here, while I'm 1-0. You may have had more matches but guess what, the good old idiom of "it sucks to suck" stays prevalent. You don't change, and your win/loss surely proves that. If you really want to give your attempt at "facing" me before my match on Sunday, then I'd love to see you try. Don't push yourself too hard though, I can already tell you'll hurt yourself before getting into the ring.

    OOC: Not sure, match is on Sunday.
  3. *Artist pretends to fall alseep during the promo*

    Really? You seem pretty fat headed from this "I'm 1-0" shit. You do know you beat....Reagan Cole? The guys what 0-1000? Who can't beat the guy with a proper audience? Come back to ME! when you beat a current champion, come back to me when you get some personality, oh wait i might be dead of old age by then. Come back to me when you get a set jump into the ring. But don't jump to fast you might let out a shit- i mean your career might end.

    OOC; We can promo tomorrow and by sunday voting can be open
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  4. Kousaki: I wonder if hypocrisy is supposed to embody stupidity, then again, considering it's you, I might as well put that into mind. You're telling me to beat some of the higher ups, yet as far as I know, you haven't beaten any real higher ups. My debut may have been against Cole, but it took place at the EC PPV. You debuted and got suspended on a random dark match. You know what else is funny? I don't need to go around shooting my mouth off trying to act like a poser who thinks he can take on all of IWT. Keep your record in mind whenever you feel like challenging someone. It's more useful than you'd think.
  5. To even say a record shows your limitations is as one sided and overused as your promo objectives. I don't care about records, I'm here to fight not win 1 match, suck a dick and get inserted into a contendership match. Accept the match and stop rubbing your dick with that 1-0 record.
  6. Kousaki: Oh how you try to sound so condescending when you only make yourself look like an idiot, you have no evidence that you can be taken as a legitimate competitor here in IWT. No one takes you seriously, and even when they're forced to during matches, you still lose. I could have all the matches I want, but unlike you, I know what I have to do to make it somewhere in this company. I don't need to have a match every single week, he'll even every day for that matter. I have matches when I need to or when I want to. I know not to waste my energy or my time on people who are either below me or just plain stupid. Unless you could prove me wrong, then I'm pretty sure you're the one headed to the unemployment line sooner than I am. I actually have a place in this company at the moment, and as far as I'm concerned that won't change. I'm involved in that number one contenders match on Sunday against 4 other people. Where are you? Oh yeah you're busy doing nothing important. Youre standing in the ring making 6th grade insults towards a grown man. How sad.
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  7. Artist: Oh how stupid of me, I shouldn't spend my time on useless pieces of crap like you because unlike you, I don't act like I'm something special when I'm not and god, Jesus and the world knows your not. It makes me laugh fairly hard when you call yourself a grown man, your nothing but an overgrown 7th grade anime shoving bitch that has no place in IWT other than under Jono's desk. Stay calm and don't strain yourself you might not be able to stand up after looking at the arena lights above you for so long. You don't have anything that let you deserve that shot, we all know the reason a match that's highlighted by Nick and Harriet Vargas is the opener because when people don't give a shit to a fraction of one match they'll give a shit on the next go. Keep on acting tough, my grandparents are on the there sleeping meds limit, this dose the job just fine. So take your ass turn around and shut your mouth because we all know that your never going to be the future of the IWT. Now, when your done you can take off your panties. And go to bind your face into Toonami the only things as stupid or even more idiotic than mister Nero Kousaki, the badass of the tampon section. Can it junior and go suck Jono's dick you might stay employed for another month no matter how many people you put to sleep with the things you call promos while others call it sleeping meds.

    OOC: basically a match
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  8. OOC: i just want to mention that we drew so don't even start lying about beating me
  9. How did I lie? I said even I destroyed him, as I almost got a win. Also only 6 people votes who knows what could've happened of there were 6 or 20.
  10. OOC: 6 People each but okay
  11. 3 and 3
  12. Kousaki: And there you go once more with the 6th grade insults. Do you actually think anyone of my caliber would actually be offended by any of the stereotypical and childish insults that you present? If that's the case, you've only proven my point even further. Also, out of all people to tell me that I don't deserve a title shot, for you to be that person. Oh my, that's too grandiose. You love shooting your mouth off on so many occasions, yet you fail to actually prove your points. You just insult me yet you can't back up your arguments. Until you can do that, then I'm not convinced at all that you're even something resembling a threat. You're the embodiment of a typical failure in the wrestling industry. Another wannabe tough guy who thinks he'll make it somewhere but he won't, and when he doesn't get his way he resorts to childish insults that make yourself look like an ass. Ah well, nothing I can do to help the mentally inept, just gotta let you keep talking until you finally realize you know nothing proficient about wrestling off of your "experience".
  13. *He pretends to wake up*
    Artist: "Wait, were you talking because all i heard was the toilet flushing. The exact same noise your career will be making at the end of Mania. If you think i'm a failure then you obviously haven't looked in the mirror. You won 1 match against Reagan Cole you haven't had 1 successful promo or anything else interesting. Because that's what you are a charisma vacuum and you'll do to Mania what no one has done before. Bore everyone so bad that even the CM Punk and Jwab match would seem like a holy grail of flamboyancy in the land of IWT. Your nothing special stop acting like you are. Because you know your everything i hate, obnoxious....boring....uncharismatic....and nothing but Jono's lap dog, you seem to be the opposite of a success story in IWT. A valid point you state i don't have well actually i do have a couple. 1 match doesn't prove you anything, a man once told me that you can be 0-5 in your beloved "record" and you can rise above the shit people shoot at them. Who was that? That was Aids Johnson, one of the most successful IWT competitors in IWT History. You have nothing new, you've said what's been said before, you've done what's been done before. I know I've lost and if i really cared i would've already left. Keep trying to throw the "Your spewing 6th grade humor" bit because soon enough it'll catch on which is something your career here won't. You seem to take me as someone that's like you, a nagging, moaning egotistical ass hole who has nothing other than 1 match with Reagan Cole which is as painful as going through Menstruation. Which i know your used to right? It's funny that you say i spew nothing but insults, but really what insults have i said that didn't have a reason behind them? Did i go in succession Bitch, Asshole **** and stop? No, i went your A bitch who is nothing but an ass hole because you think your great because you got 1 win which makes everyone from your pimp Jono to Dat Kid hate your every living guts you ****.

    *He instructs Big Jizz and Juanita to leave the ring*

    Now are you going to accept this match or are you going back to the place you spend your entire night, under Jono's desk?

    OOC: I think if one of us packaged this into one thing with labels we can give this to a couple Creative guys to open voting while showing this stuff.
  14. Kousaki: The same shit every time, by god you aren't really that original fella. You act as if you've been somewhere in this company. Last time I had a match, I wasn't getting shit on for most of my promos. Were you? Yes. As a matter of fact you've lost in several landslides. That's just pathetic. Even those who did bad at first in IWT learned how to be better than that, you're just bad, plain and simple. Also, I don't see how I'm even Jono's lapdog, I work on my own time. It's funny how you try to point out a flaw of mine yet you haven't made an actual valid point, more so just foolish drivel that's been evident before in most of your promos. As for the one match factor, I'm booked when I'm booked. I don't choose when I'm booked. I could also do dark matches, but then I'd be wasting my stamina on virtually nothing. I could reconsider it at some point, but until that day comes, I think I'm more successful than you here even though I've only had 1 match. That being said, my promos don't need to be filled with your drivel. I know how to be original, and quite frankly I've done a better job of it than you have. I'm not booed out of the house, as a matter of fact I won my match in a landslide. You've lost in several landslides, and you can't swallow your imaginary pride to accept the facts. Oh well, I don't expect that much out of someone who can't pull anything creative out of his ass out of 3 promos.
  15. Artist: Wait, Wait, Wait! The same shit every-time? and nothing creative out of 3 promos? You've said i make 6th grade remarks 2 times out of your 3 promo's you said i have no valid point in ALL of your promo's and yet i sat the same shit every time? My valid point is you think your successful because you won ONE get that through your Narrow minded cluster fuck you call a brain, ONE match and you've been here for 1 month. You haven't done shit to say your better than me i don't know how many times i have to state this. Your not special in anyway shape or form, your a kid who's had his head up his ass or as you like to call it...Your creative part of your body. The winning and losing shit is another "same shit every time." gimmick son, if you were truthful to your words you would know Hypocrisy is a substitute for retardation. Go to your little iFunny book find some new material and come back to me, becuase until you live up to your words you'll be nothing more than a pitiful.....egotistical piece of trash the IWT has ever seen. Win or lose there's something that's called paying due's the thing that got the great's like Aids and Joey Bryant to there spot, not sitting on there "creative spot all day saying to themselves, "I don't have to waste my energy on these people." Because the only truth to that is wasting energy and you won't be the one wasting. The person burying you will. Which takes to me the part where you said i have pointless drivel in my promo's. Yet another "same old shit" moment, and the fact that you bring getting shit on in your matches is nothing special because the only reason you didn't get shit on in your ONE match was because you do it to much in your own sleep meds, i mean promo's. Get a writer to write your promo's and get back to me when you have something new to say. *He get's out a beer can and sleeps in the corner."
  16. Kousaki: You're only proving my point event further. You may try to call me a hypocrite, yet I've actually justified some of my repeated points. You try to act as if one match is a bad thing, you praised Harriet Vargas earlier, yet she's only had two matches. I'm more creative than half of the stuff you say, I just know when I need to utilize it or not. Better yet, wasting my time on you when I have my match tomorrow is just frivolous. Have fun getting buried at Mania.
  17. Artist: Haha, oh the irony in you trying to act like you have something special going on in your career. Harriet Vargas is a person who had 2 matches and is willing to fight unlike you who hides like a cowering dog with the "same old shit" when it comes to fighting. What point have you refuted correctly? That i lost matches, a kindergärtner can figure that out, or was it that fact that you can't make a good promo even if your life depended on it. Creativity is something you can't even make if it mean't the world. What creativity do you have? You have as much charisma as a turtle, you don't have a definitive character other than your a pussy and watching paint dry is more entertaining then listening to your promo's. Also, did you say you know when to utilize creativity? Well isn't the best moment when your in a match? Of course and you know that, you, me and everyone here knows those little shoot downs saying the same thing rephrased 4 different times is your creative peek, your garbage makes Vince Russo look like a motherfucking genius. Take your empty insults to a place that cares, oh wait there isn't a place in this world that cares. You have 1/4th of a chance of winning and we know that a dead ant has more charisma and character than you so good luck looking like a total joke at Mania, if you aren't already.

    OOC: I say we open votes now, and it can end. Also i say we've done our finishing statement. Let's end it here.
  18. Kousaki: I've already walked out the door at this point, you can keep on babbling for all you want. Makes yourself feel good.

    OOC: N sense in a dark match during Mania.
  19. Artist: Don't let it hit your ass on the way out!

    OOC: 5 Promo's for nothing :(