I Have Been Cured

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    Smoke surrounds the stage and a figure emerges, He's wearing a black jacket and ring gear consisting of black tights with a red barbed wire design. He emerges from the smoke with a crazy look on his face. He's a dark haired sketchy looking young man. He slowly makes his way to the ring with microphone in his hand.
    Stop it it! Stop giving me those looks! I know what you're all thinking! You're all looking at me like i'm a freak, like i'm a monster! I get it, so everybody that's different is a monster! I'm not a monster anymore, I've been cured! Ah wait, i'm getting too for ahead of my self. Now that I've finally made it in wrestling i'm too excited to talk straight. My name is Trevor Raynor. I'm sure none of you of heard the name so i'll just tell you about my self. I came from the streets of San Andreas California. If you don't know what it's like to grow up in San Andreas then let me show you something
    Trevor Raynor takes off his jacket to reveal a giant burn on his back the grown looks shocked at the disgusting wound
    I used to be mixed up with some really bad people. Long story short after backing down from a job a gang wanted me to do they took a blow torch to my back to removed the tattoo I had representing the gang. I was always mixed up with bad people. Drugs, Guns, Violence. It was regular for me. That's why after my split from the gang I began professional wrestling. It was easy for me because nobody else had the tolerance to pain as I had. Barbed wire, electric saws, light tubes...it wasn't anything new to me. Then one night after I was walking out of gym from a wrestling show some guys in masks jumped me. They beat me half to death with lead pipes, crow bars, wrenches you name it. Turns out it was our rival gang. They had killed my old gang and thought I was still rolling with them. Once they saw the burn on my back and the missing tattoo they left me face down in a ditch. I woke up to see my now best friends Jwab and George. They dragged me out of that ditch and gave me a chance. They got me off the pills, they got me off cutting my wrists, they CURED me. Now they're giving me a chance at professional wrestling. You people make me sick for booing them, you have no idea kind of great people the Cure is! You people should model yourselves after the members of the Cure just like I do! The Cure has made me a better person and I have faith in them that they'll help you all find The Cure just like I did. I am living proof that The Cure works and the day that they pulled me out of the ditch was the first day of my new life. And Today begins the first chapter in my new life as I become the newest member of the Cure!
    Trevor Raynor drops to his knees and raises his arms in the air and closes his eyes. He seems to mutter some sort of prayer. Tears drip from out from under his eye lids and the crowd seems confused. N.I.B begins to play again as he opens his eyes and grins and walks slowly to the back.

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  2. deth
    OOC : NIB is awesome :yay:

  3. Why did you feel the need to post this?
  4. My opinion in this. Thats what people do.

  5. You really are a vile little child.
  6. That hurt me so much from someone like you.

  7. Whatever, dude. Pretty shitty of you to come into someone's debut and trash it like that with no feedback. You're not great at this either so maybe you should focus on improving yourself before you start being so negative about others.
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  8. Anyways, Trevor finally gets to use NIB<3 Cool little back story you got going. I hope you bring the animal slaughter gimmick to IWT, shit would be so over in Puerto Rico!
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  9. Its not the promo I didnt like, Its The Cure I dont like.
  10. IWT isn't really my place, but since I seem to be the only mod on atm: there's been a post reported here, so I assume I'm not being kayfabbed, but if this is a legit argument could you leave it out of here/move it to PMs please? Cheers.
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  11. The Cure is only here to help :)
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  13. No.
  14. OCC: Great intro. The thing I love about the Cure is how every single post has 5 likes. You like each other posts no matter what Lmfao
  15. Yes.

  16. :no:

  17. :yes:

  18. :willis: We will be here all night im thinking.