Storyline I Have Taken What Is Mine

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  1. *The arena goes into darkness*


    *This man appears on the tron, behind him is a stand with the Intercontinental Title on it with a class cover, he talks in a deep voice*

    ???: B Dazzle your disrespect has been punished, you have spoken out freely against myself and insulted me, I do not take kindly to that. I took matters into my own hands and shown my true power, I have taken your pride and joy.

    *The man picks up the Intercontinental Title and hangs it over his shoulder*

    This is in my hands, on my shoulder, what kind of champion would allow another man to take what is theirs without even putting up a fight, Dazzle you need to face facts because to hold this title you need to have power and you must be able to hold the title with pride and honour because having the title means you are the best and no one can take it, you failed the test. I control the world from this one command point and you and my world of minions are clueless to it, you all see the almighty power as god but oh no. No god, no heaven, no hell, just me. I am the god you all worship, you just don't know it is me.

    B Dazzle at the IWT Slammys I will come in with the championship and leave the champion.


    *The man shoots the camera cutting off the feed*​
  2. ???: This guy loves wasting cameras.
  3. OOC: what did the cameras ever do to you?!?
  4. *gav appears on the titantron*

    (gav the chav) oi cheeky **** up here so you want a shot at my good friends title and you think you earn that by sneaking of with it during our match? No no no you cheeky **** that not how gav likes things gav has a proposal i'll personally choose somebody from backstage and whoever wins gets a shot at my man dazzle is that cool with you @B.Dazzle?
  5. OOC: Dazzle and I already made the match in PMs, Sorry.
  6. Ooc damn well in that case then go and fuck @B.Dazzle
  7. As soon as the video finished.......

    *B.Dazzle makes his way to the ring. No strut, no smile, and no I.C championship belt around his waste. He already has a mic in his hand. He gets in the ring and begins to speak.*

    B.Dazzle: It wasn't too long ago that B.Dazzle came down to this ring to mock the man behind these warning videos that you just saw. It wasn't too long ago that this man realized he didn't have the testicles to face B.Dazzle like a man, so what did he do? He hacked the arena, cut the lights, and attacked a defenseless B.Dazzle. Now, B.Dazzle doesn't care that you attacked him. Yeah it showed that you are a coward who has to hide behind a mask and cryptic messages, but B.Dazzle will let that slide just this once. What you did that really ticked B.Dazzle off, was that you stole HIS I.C championship! The title that B.Dazzle worked his ass off for. A title that B.Dazzle bled, sweat, cried for. If you think B.Dazzle is going to let you waltz around with his title, you got another thing coming. You can hold it for now, but it's not going to mean anything. Right now, that title says B.Dazzle and after the slammy awards are over, it's not going to change one bit. Do all the sneak attacks you want, send all the cryptic messages you want, steal all the titles you want. Come the Slammy awards, it's not going to mean shit. B.Dazzle isn't only going to take his title back, no, he's going to take your career. BE B.Dazzle!

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and storms out the ring.*
  8. *The lights flicker, Dazzle stands ready for a fight, they go out, When they come back on Dazzle and ???? are brawling, no I-C Title belt, Dazzle throws ??? out of the ring and the brawl continues, Dazzle gets a chair and hits ?? on the skull with it, Dazzle rolls into the ring and up onto the second turnbuckle standing tall, as ??? gets to his feet Dazzle throws the chair onto him and the lights go out again, when they come back on ??? is gone, just a puddle of blood is left as Dazzle stands in the ring tall*​
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  9. B.Dazzle gets a mic.

    B.Dazzle: That is only a taste of whats to come.