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  1. [Savat is sat on a production crate backstage]

    >Savat: I am hearing a lot of buzz lately. I finally hear people coming out of the floorboards and making a name for themselves. People are finally getting it. Maybe they got sick, of sitting around on their fat asses not doing shit! Maybe they are fed up of looking like idiots compared to someone like Corey Marcus.

    I am a IWT wrestler. I have come from afar. I understand what it means to be a wrestler. In the real world, you fight for what you want. You aren't given it by some moron who puts himself in the title matches. I am a man all for respect, and none of you deserve any of my respect. You are all coming out now cutting cute little promos in restaurants and on TV shows. Well guess who did that first? Me.

    You all saw what I did and copied it right? Don't worry kids, I don't take insult to that. After all, I am the best. Of course you would try to copy me, it's only natural. However you will never become world class just from copying others. You have to tap into your inner strength. You have to stop walking around here cutting promos! You have to actually make a move. Make waves dammit!

    Ever since I came to this company I have been the one shifting everything up. I woke you all up! I made you see that this is what a wrestler looks like, this is what a wrestler does. If I had never come here you would all probably still being thrown into matches with random guys like Michael did.

    See I look around and I still don't see people actively seeking for a match, I don't see people wanting to better themselves and others. I came out and offered Corey Marcus a match at a IWT PPV with the best in the world.

    But when I sit back here, it is quiet. I see no one. But if I look online, you are all there talking. Whether you live in this false world of social networking or whether you are all cowards. It stops now. I have changed IWT for the better and I will not stop changing IWT. You all think this company is doing great well I know from experience that this company is nothing, nothing without me. I am the face of IWT. I am change. I am the one who will make this company the best in the world.

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  2. Great stuff.
    I enjoy this character more than Spawn, seems like you write better with it, too.