Storyline "I just want to go out of this company as the star I could have been!"

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  1. *FailFace comes out wearing a black fedora, and standard leather jacket and Kendo Stick. He slowly comes down to the ring, walks up the steps, and jumps over the ropes into the ring. He grabs a mic and stands motionless for a few seconds. He throws the fedora out to the floor then begins to speak...*

    "Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, you all better listen up, because this can and might be... my last promo in the IWT. *Pause with cheers in the background* Now most of you will be more than happy to see me leave, hell, you might even get out of your seat and jump up and down! But before you do that, I invite you to once again listen to my less than stellar IWT career... I came into this industry on March 28, 2013 in my debut match, which happened to be for the European Championship on PPV, hell, not just any PPV, IWT Wrestlemania! If anyone from that time would remember, I won that match and walked out of Wrestlemania a bona fide champion. My title reign was very short lasting, losing to Mr. Sackfist in a match for the title May 18, 2013. Now I would continue here, but it's completely pointless, in fact, the beginning of my career would feature the only title match I have ever won. And that's where I get to my only point tonight.

    *Crowd is mixed but quiet*

    "In my career in IWT, I have been part of many title matches, hell, you might as well call me a reverse John Cena, I've been handed title matches and lost every single one of them. And hell, all I had to do to get another title shot was to come out here and bitch to the crowd and the management would think, hey, maybe he'll win this time, and they'd throw another title shot my way. In my career I have also lost almost every single match with the exception of maybe one or two. I would sit here and take long periods of time off I didn't need or deserve, some matches I didn't even show up to, and others I put no effort into! I'm not going to end up in the IWT Hall of Fame, I'm not going to get respect from all of you in attendance tonight, and I sure as hell don't get respect in the back. I've lost an opportunity to take the last title of a triple threat champion, I've lost an opportunity to take the X Division championship, and I've lost all credibility in this business. My name is a curse that has seemed to bring me to the lowest levels of the IWT, and be forced to come out here tonight and prove a point to you people! So basically, I have one last request to the IWT management team, and maybe I'll go out a champion! I would like to ask the IWT management team to give me a shot at any title in the IWT, and if I lose, I'm fired from IWT. Hell, even if I win, fire me if you want! I just want a way to go out of this company as the star I could have been!"

    *Crowd chants ONE MORE MATCH!*
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