OOC I like the blue....oh yeah oppress the swearing.

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    As you can see I am a true man of peace.​
    Let's start a petition to end the assumption that swearing is a favorable position to be in during a promo situation.​

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  2. But........swearing isn't exactly against peace.......it's not physical violence......and I don't see anything wrong with swearing, because in reality, it's just sounds, and they could've made any word mean a curse word. Like Guitar. Or spider. Or scissors. And I like guitars, spiders and scissors.....
  3. Swearing indicates violence, let's just all chill and meditate with cheese and wine.
  4. I don't like cheese at all......... :(
  5. But what if we want violence?
  6. Wrestling IS violence...
  7. No one wants violence, people want to inflict it sure but no one wants to receive it. You don't want violence you want to inflict pain.
  8. That's what you think :ksi:

  9. I think therefore I am, oh yes oh yes indeed my child you are the one I want.
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  10. This. So many promos that could have been great matches just became "who can throw out the most swear words" fests.
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  11. Plus it loses it's impact.
  12. I like to inflict pain ^_^

    But only in self defense.....

    And I can agree with not wanting to receive pain. Have you ever been speared to the concrete by someone who is 220 pounds heavier to you? I didn't really like that... >,_<
  13. I'm down with that.
  14. *is in the back of the crowd*

    *cups my hands and yells* HA! GGGGAAAAAYYYYYYY
  15. They should all hold hands, and play kumbaya instead of having matches.
  16. Swearing = the only way of writing a promo. Also no physical activity takes place therefore rendering your stereotypical response irrelevant. No one has matches they type words.

  17. Young padawan I expected more hespect from you given your history.

  18. Yes?