I love Anonymous

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  1. @Anonymous is a bawss.. for that, I love him.. Nuff said.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Anonymous is a boss, you're correct.
  3. Crayo to hit 10k posts by March 15th.. Calling it now!
  4. March 14th, bitch. @[RKO]
  5. March 10th, douches. #CrayoTheTrueBadass
  6. I should really stop posting so much. It's normally double when I'm on my PC too :emoji_slight_frown:

  7. Only 118 posts on day? Meh, I'm still dissapoint.
  8. Crayo, use my account and post 150+ a day... Account share? I'll take yours for a day.
  9. Sure, my pass is ilovexanthsbodyfat123
  10. Xanth told me off for the fat jokes, all I did was the post the picture of a guy who looks like a thumb =(.
  11. Lmao what did he say?

    Ignore him, he's grossly obese.
  12. http:emoji_confused:/wweforums.net/showthread.php?tid=1863&page=2 Was here :sad:[Hidden message for Crayo only I'm not taking this seriously btw lol]
  13. Lmao he's so overweight.

    #WhatchaGnaDo @[Xanth]
  14. :sky:{:sky:}
  15. :sky:{Greatest thing ever made}
  16. :sky:

    Laughing so hard.
  17. :sky:
  18. :pity:{static is gay.} [​IMG]
  19. :steiner:{Static should be called #HEEL}
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