I love when Randy Orton gets pissed off

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zamorakian, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. [video=youtube]http://www.savetubevideo.com/?v=yGW_t3F8uc8[/video]

    AHAHAHA "As i was saying...Live TV is awesome"

    He really reminds me of myself when someone does something wrong
  2. Remember that, I was cringing.
  3. He's so awkward and lame. He could have done something to smooth that over besides standing there like a robot completely devoid of charisma
  4. Haha he just threw that microphone away with anger and ranted about it, VINTAGE ORTON!
  5. The biggest problem with Randy is the range "The Viper" persona gives him. He can't display as much on the mic as he could as the legend killer. He's gotten less robotic as he's adapted into being a babyface but he's still needs to add abit more imo.
  6. Vintage Orton, I'll agree. Boring and forced
  7. You guys do know that Orton have had anger management issues before? He explained in his DVD that he got the "Viper" gimmick because of how he was outside the ring and explained alot more about it, you should watch it.
  8. I'll check it out if I can't fall asleep some night. Orton is an excellent cure for insomnia
  9. I respect him whatever he does, he was in a life-threatning position and his wife saved him he has past anger management issues and has made it out of every single problem he's been having in life.

    Ofcourse thanks to Samantha Orton for saving the Vipers life.
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  10. Must admit I do chuckle when I read Orton hate :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.

    I like him myself, not a big fan but I don't despise him, I just think he's one hell of a wrestler.
  11. All this Orton hate, but you know what, he doesn't change his character from who he is outside of the ring like most wrestlers do. He's a natural badass outsider the ring, just like how he is in-ring. He has anger problems outside of the ring, he definately had anger problems in-ring.

    Orton and Cena's character portrays how they are in real life outsid4e of the ring.. Not just some bs skit like Brodus Clay or Mark Henry.
  12. That's my exact view on Randy Orton. I admire the guy so much but he has many flaws that stick out as well.
  13. [​IMG] @[Crayo].
  14. How is he a natural badass outside the ring? Because he harasses women, is an asshole to fans, and gets discharged from the Marine Corps for going AWOL when he is supposed to be serving?

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  15. He's not an asshole to his fans? Why are you collecting the bad side of Orton? He has some good sides too and he really loves his fans, he doesn't harass women and wow the guy was what 18 years old when he served the Marine Corps? He was tired of it and he wasn't able to quit when he wanted to so he did something about it. Dude you should really watch his DVD because that'll explain to you exactly why he went AWOL and why he has anger management issues, you can't judge the book by looking at it's cover.
  16. Is there an ignore feature on this site? No offense but I would really rather not see Zamorakian's posts to be completely honest
  17. Yeah go to his profile and click add to ignore list.
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  18. Thanks
  19. I'm neutral on this but there were a lot of rumors of harassment in his earlier years.
    Aside from having drinks poured on her while she was sleeping, Amy Weber is telling people that Randy Orton "did something to her", and that is the main reason why she is considering suing WWE.

    When Orton first got to WWE, he would show off pictures he took with females who he hooked up with to try to impress the other wrestlers. Management has become concerned with Orton's conduct out of the ring, and some veterans think he is too full of himself and acts way out of line on the road.


    I can't confirm or deny it but he does have a questionable past. Currently he seems to be a great guy however.
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