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  1. *The emphatic new theme song of Alias starts playing, resulting in an expected big pop for the new IWT champ. He walks out with a striking smirk on his face and his title around his shoulder. He wildly shakes his head, as Jwab accompanies him to the ring. Alias doesn't rush to the ring, he's allowing the moment to sink in. He finally enters the ring after a while, followed by Jwab. He leans against the ropes screaming "I OWN THE IWT", before asking for a mic. A-LI-AS! chants take over.*
    Oh man. This is wonderful. This is IWT. THIS IS THE CURE.

    I told you all, including that numpty Michael that when I won this title, I would usher in a new era of IWT. I've been saying this since my official return earlier this year. All them phonecalls with my main Jwab, all of them skits, all of them promos. All prophecies that have been realized and substantiated by mere victories in my ring. I warned you all that the paradigm was shifting. And guess what? The paradigm has officially shifted. And it's looking better than ever. The Cure is slowly but surely starting to take effect on this enterprise and once it completes it's job, IWT will be completely devoid of any cancer. There's no need to thank me. Like I said, I am an honest benefactor and samaritan, just like my good friend Jwab Atom over here.

    One thing on my mind though, Michael. You, Michael. Our match at IWT Retribution was nothing short of notable. The result was inevitable but I found your endeavors endearing. Maybe you're not so shit after all. But the thing is, not even your best could've taken me down that night. And most importantly, your best will NEVER be enough to take me down on any given up. So shove that rematch clause up your bureaucratic, crooked, debauched, adulterated ass. Hopefully it fits with all the heads of IWT wrestlers that could be found up there. Take a bow, son. You did well. Not well enough. But for now, fuck right off. I am the IWT owner.

    Which brings me to the next point, I need FRESH challengers for this title. And since this "new" roster is all about FRESHNESS, then I wonder which young blood will be the first to step up to the plate. Yes, this is a formal invitation to all the roster to have a little tournament to decide a new number one contender. After all, I own this place. I am this fucking place.

    *Alias laughs with Jwab*

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  2. *Jwab still smiling. Asks for the mic and Alias hands it over. He starts pacing the ring as he speaks*

    I agree with every single sentence that came out of your mouth, Alias. The Cure is back and better than ever. We got to watch Michael book himself into an IWT Championship opportunity and I had the honor of watching Alias rip the ball straight out of his hands from ringside. I will never forget that moment. I'm playing it in my head over and over again. Just a historic moment in IWT overall as Alias becomes one of the rare commodities in IWT, a 3x IWT Champion! I am proud of you, my brother.

    This new era in IWT, it reminds me of us. It reminds me when I kicked down that door and allowed the 2nd generation of IWT to come flow through. You & I were the gods that took the land from the Titans. We were the first two to come through those doors and without us there would be no Joey Bryant in the Hall Of Fame, no Kaizer, no Jack Forte.... HELL, without us, I doubt IWT would have stayed afloat.

    You want a FRESH challenge. As I look around, Alias. The new guys have something to prove before they can even consider challenging for the big title of this federation. The challengers that would be considered for it now, well, you beat all of them. You beat Spawn. You beat Michael. You could give anyone you want a shot but I think you need an exceptional challenge, a monarch, a hero to the masses, somebody these people actually want to see go one on one with you for the belt. A man that you have never beat. Even though you have never faced this man in a one on one scenario, every single time you stepped in the ring with him. He beat you. At Royal Rumble years ago, he eliminated you. In one of the biggest Survivor Series matches of all time, he was the one to take you out of the match with a clean three count.

    This man is standing in the ring right in front of you, Alias. I want a shot at the one championship I was told I would never get a shot at. I was held back. I was mistreated, and that is why I left to become a mega star in the film industry. Not to boast, IWT Retribution saw a spike upwards in sales and that's cause of me. I didn't wanna backstab you at Retribution to get this title match. I want a fair fight in the main event of the 2nd biggest PPV of the year. I want Alias Antonio vs. The Jwab. I want Cure vs. Cure. This isn't the end of The Cure. I'm just proposing one match, to prove I have what it takes to hang in the IWT Championship picture. This has been in the back of my mind after every single time I beat you in a multi man match and then you'd go on to another shot at the IWT Title while I was left to carry the midcard.

    *Alias seems shocked as this was the last thing he expected*

    I'm asking you for one shot at that belt and a chance to settle the dispute that has been on the mind of fans for almost 5 years. Who is the BETTER man of The Cure?

    *extends his hand for Alias*

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  3. *Alias seems quite shocked, but not overly-shocked. Instead of shaking Jwab's hand, he snatches the mic.*
    You, uhh, wow. You definitely caught me off-guard there Jwab. You do make some self-aggrandizing claims, however. Some solid points, some incorrect points. But overall, you did catch me by surprise, man. You may not be new but you INDUBITABLY stepped up to the plate big time right now. Which is a wonderful thing Jwab, and let me tell you why. Because you're the first entrant in the number one contenders tournament!!! I've always called you underrated brother, and now is your time to shine! Man, you'll win that for sure, buddy. Can't wait.

    *Alias begins laughing as he extends his hand to Jwab.*
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  4. *Jwab pulls his hand back from Alias*

    I appreciate the offer of the number one contender tournament but I've done my fair share of number one contender matches and tournaments. I've been through the never ending cycle of coming so close and getting screwed over at the very end. I don't have the time to waste going through it one last time just for you to walk away at a match 5 years in the making.

    *takes a step out of the ring onto the apron*

    Anyone that wants my spot in the number one contenders tournament can have it but at the end of the day, Alias. You know and I know that I deserve to be in the title picture in the main event at SummerSlam. Whether it's just me and you or a triple threat, a fatal four way... even another Elimination Chamber. But, I'm not stooping down to the bottom feeders to prove why I deserve that title. I did 5 years of proving myself. I'm disappointed in you, Alias.

    *walks down the steel steps, chuckles into the mic. Turns around to talk while walking backwards up the ramp*

    You have my number in your phone and I'll always have your number when it comes to in ring competition. The ball is in your court. Call me when you actually want to give these people something worth paying for.

    *Jwab is now standing at the top of the ramp staring at Alias*
  5. *Alias looks disconcerted and distraught as Jwab stands at the top of the ramp. He asks for another mic.*
    I gave you a chance Jwab. I practically handed it to you on a goddamn silver platter. Maybe the reason you've been stuck in a midcard abyss all of your career is because you think nothings ever good enough for you, chances like these. Or MAYBE it's because you're not good enough for anything. You're good-for-nothing, you son of a bitch.

    *Alias takes a breather as he calms down.*
    You're embarrassing your damn self by doing this Jonas. And frankly it takes a lot of balls to embarrass yourself at such a high level, so what I'm going to do is cut them balls off.....

    At IWT Vice, if I'm not busy. Non-title. That's the best I'll give you. Summerslam main event isn't something someone at your caliber can just perform at, this shit does NOT happen overnight Jwab, and if it wasn't for me scheming your return to this company you'd still be at the cusp of irrelevancy along with the rest of The Old Cure that I buried along with The Old IWT.

    We were supposed to be The New Cure, but I didn't expect you to backstab me so pronto. You diverted this plan we had together and converted it into something we both don't want to get into, but luckily for me, I've been in this situation more times than I can remember. It's nothing but uncharted waters for you, Jwab. So think to yourself, not once, not twice, but think over and over and over and over again till some sense starts kicking into your brain. Is this what you really want?
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  6. *Jwab is at the top of the ramp. His smile is bigger. He bites his lip before speaking into the mic to prevent the reckless decision that he is about to make*

    You know what? I shouldn't have fell for it, but god damn it, Alias. You got me all thought out! I never wanted to end The Cure, what I did was not a backstabbing, I offered a respectful bout that you are cowarding away from. I will admit, in about 10 minutes, I'm gonna kick myself in the ass for making this decision cause I feel I got better things to do.

    But, you know what? I don't want our first match to be a non title match at a house show. All these years, I've been ridiculing these fans but I truly want to give them what they want when it comes to this.

    I'm in! This number one contenders bullshit? I don't care, I'm in. I don't know what else I have to prove to you, Alias, and I'm shocked at this personality you embraced out of nowhere. These fans know I'm one of the best when it comes to IWT and if I have to prove it again to everyone in the back one more time, I will.

    I'm winning this bullshit tournament. I'm going to beat you yet again, but for the first time in singles competition, and I'm going to take that fucking title at SummerSlam.

    *Crowd cheers at what seems to be a babyface turn for the man that has been a heel since day one. Jwab drops the mic, gives Alias a thumbs up, and walks out*

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    Evander Amos walks out to the stage with a mic, with his black hoodie on. He's got a few bruises from his match with Arno.

    Just like you took the World Championship at Elimination Chamber right? You were the man to beat in that match and then Dat Kid exited that pod and cleaned house. You became a Z-List movie star and you just kept coming up short. I mean it must be embarrassing to know that Gav has won the IWT Championship before you. I mean the only other Cure member that you have done better than was David and that's because David wasn't around to make you look like the weak link that you are.

    The Cure is dead, The Church is dead, Jwab is dead, and it's only a matter of time before the reign of Alias Antonio dies. So Jwab I'm glad you're in the tournament, because I am also entering my name in the hat. Alias, you wanted fresh blood, so let me do you a favor of taking out this stale ass nigga in the first round of the tournament. But let it be known, once I take him out, Micheal, Aids, Jack, and whoever else is back there I want the gold sucka, Alias I'm comin' for you nigga!
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  8. *Jwab comes back out to address Evander Amos, who is standing in the ring with Alias after throwing himself into the tourney*

    That is the point I'm trying to make here, "Evander"! Let's not forget when I not just beat Gav, but squashed him, when he tried to take my X-Division Championship a long time ago. It makes me sick, that the likes of people I've beat time and time again are getting shot after shot at the main event. Gav was a disgrace. Hell, we both know Dat Kid wouldn't have won that Elimination Chamber if it wasn't for me being blindsided by David. I had that won. Hell, if Dat Kid was still around, I'd knock his damn teeth down his throat after fleeing from me after Elimination Chamber. I guess I'll have to settle for you since Kid can't even walk.

    First round of the tournament? I'd say let's make it official. I don't even know who you are and why you think you have the right to address the past that you weren't around for. You wanna be the first speed bump on my way to winning my first ever IWT Championship? So be it.

    *Jwab looks at Alias and points at the ramp*

    Now, who else wants to interrupt and throw their name into this tournament? I don't care how many people Alias wanted in this tournament but I'm willing to take on every single person in that god damn locker room to knock that smile off his smug face.


  9. the lights in the arena dim and a spotlight is on center stage. The familiar yet unfamiliar bass line drops and the crowd whispers predictions to each-other. The guitar riff hits and out through the titantron a World War 2 style Tank crashes through and on to the stage! The crowd is in shock and excitement. Out of the top of the tank someone raises an American Flag. Slowly, a figure rises out of the tank with a microphone in hand. The spotlight moves up and reveals the man as Trevor Raynor. The music fades out.

    The King of Debuts is back fans of IWT. Most of you probably know me from outside of the wrestling business but, for the people who don't know me at all I ask you does Mr. 5 Star First Match ring a bell? It should but if that still doesn't work I am Global Icon and American Hero Trevor RAYNOR.

    I have just returned from the middle east and I'm proud to announce my fellow Americans that I have put the smackdown on ISIS and completely eliminated that cancer from this Earth!

    The crowd erupts with USA Chants as Trevor Raynor waves his American Flag wildly on top of his tank.

    Now aside from being an American Hero, i'm also a Kung-Fu god, and Rock Legend. I've been in Oscar Nominated movies, Inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, and most recently Donald Trump has chosen me as his running mate. But all that aside why the hell would I come back to a place like IWT you might wonder? I could tell you i'm hear to make IWT great again but thats not totally it. I'm here for two reasons.

    Trevor Raynor raises his arm and points at Alias Antonio and Jwab

    Those two men have made the mistake of crossing Trevor Raynor. Alias Antonio and Jwab have embarrassed me by turning me into a FLOP of a wrestler and if you know anything about me, flop, should be the last thing anyone would use to describe me I'm here to change that for once and for all.

    So I'm going to enter this tournament and sure it would be nice to add the IWT Championship to my trophy room but that's not why I'm here. I'm here to add Alias Antonio and Jwab's heads to my trophy room instead.

    Trevor tosses his microphone into the air and it explodes like a grenade. His theme music plays one more time as He raises his american flag as his tank reverses backwards backstage.

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  10. *Alias looks even more disconcerted as he looks around him*
    I was not expecting this to escalate at the level we're in right now. We've got Jwab, this Amos kid, the return of Rayn??? Who the fuck is next, baby? BRING EM ALL OUT.
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  13. Lmfao not how I remember it.

    Good promos though, just thought thay was pretty comical.
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  14. *Luis Ovaldinho appears from the top of a set of arena steps. The fresh faced individual stands there for a moment, sporting a red vintage Umbro tracksuit. He proceeds hurriedly makes his way down the steps and makes his way onto ringside. He hastily motions for a mic from ringside and is granted one. He climbs upon the commentary table and stands there, digesting the crowd reaction to what is transpiring.*

    Been waiting for a little while now, waiting for that geek Michael to give me a bell, to give me something to do here. I now realise though that, life is alllllll about taking it by the cojones, and Alias, I'm ready to show you I got the BIGGEST set of cojones around.

    Nothing to lose and everything to gain for the new blood Ovaldinho right now, with only one match to my name to date; Defeating and ejecting Big Drag at IWTMania, I go into this with beginners momentum, ready to take more names and stake more claims. Just know Alias, I'm relatively new here, and you can't cure.. the uninfected. Keep that in mind for the scenario where we come to face, for the big gold hoisted upon your person.

    *Ovaldinho cracks a smug grin, but tries to conceal it*

    I will join this tourney! I welcome the experience and I await the journey. I know all too well that everyone loves a wildcard underdog; Boris Becker 1985, Leicester 2016, soon... we may just see 'Luis Ovaldinho 2016' added to the list of great sporting shocks. Hope to see you in the ring, champ.

    *Ovaldinho courteously nods at Alias, looking head on towards his potential opponent down the line*
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  15. *Alias glances at Ovaldinho closely but with intrigue, nodding back at him.*
    We got new faces, old faces. Just what this tournament needs to thrive. I'm still undecided on this just being a 4-man tourney to take place at Uprising or a larger tournament. I'll just wait out here a bit longer to see if any bitch boy in the back has enough "cojones", like Ovaldinho said, to come out and throw his name in the hat. Prove why The New IWT is fearless, intrepid and fucking dauntless. Michael doesn't need to sign my checks or your checks, heck I'll sign everybody's checks because I own this place and nobody can take that away from me. This is the cats whiskers, man. This is a first-class fortuity that I'm presenting this roster with today. Take it or leave it. Take the bull by it's horns and fight it, or let it take you down as you cower up in fear. This New IWT has no time for people who lack courage. Think on that.
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  16. *The whole arena is submerged in an explosion of spotlights of every shade of green as the theme song sets. The crowd responds with disorientated cheers to the new presence in the room, which is none other than the new IWT signing Raine. Raine confidently steps up into the stage and strides her way down the ramp and towards beside the commentary table. Raine stands beside it and fixes her gaze at her tag team partner Luis above her, before she climbs up alongside him and rests her arms on his right shoulder. She orders a microphone and raises a smirk as she begins to speak*

    Raine: Is this the bitchboy you were looking for? *points at self, snickers and pauses*

    Hooold up there Alias, you've been talking about this being a MAN tourney while failing to recall that there is a new girl in the block. Can't blame you, nobody was expecting me these days and to be fairly honest..I didn't even expect my familiar face to be circulating around these rough waters until you mentioned FRESHNESS! That word rings many bells in my mind, and funny enough, I've got all you're looking for, I'm experience and freshness blended into one regenerating soul, baby, and.. let's not beat around the bush any further, let's get this straight, muccas,
    *she casually pats Luis Ovaldinho's back before she kneels down on the table facing the ring*..the best risk you can take is to allow me to make my DEBUT in this very tourney we're all here for... *Raine pauses and scans the crowd around her and then stops to face the ring again* you fickle male critters can all start throwing even more hissy fits at Alias for caving in to my natural IWT-virgin excellence that I have to offer, oh no, that WILL BE OFFERED down your throats once I own the ring AND own all of you in this tourney. Thought 4 were enough? How about welcoming a female stranger into this shindig?

    *wide-eyed, she gently clears her throat as she reads the facial expressions in each competitor in the ring*
    Please resume your outstanding earthly conversations about squashing each other and holding grudges. I'll be here taming you all with my resting bitch face. Namaste.

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  17. The camera spans the crowd and the array of superstars present before the titantron comes to life and the music hits.

    Brandon Pain walks out, mic in hand and looks at the star studded cast of wrestlers around him and smiles, lowering his head before he speaks into the mic.

    "That is one star studded tournament..."

    He starts to walk side to side.

    "Throughout my career in the IWT, I've always come close. I've gotten to the finals of the X division tournament.. I've gotten painfully close to the tag titles. Heck, I even got so very close to my IWT Mania moment. But each and every time, I fell short..."

    He looks around the crowd.

    "I don't make excuses, I was beaten. All of you are succesful wrestlers, or promising ones atleast. You haven't been taken to the depths of the abyss, you haven't been dragged down to the very bottom where... You change. You get sick of your self, sick of the business and how it's run. Sick of getting beaten. And that changes a man. So the Brandon Pain that stands before you isn't the same that was here a while back...." he shakes his head "Oh no. That Brandon is dead. Me? I'm what happens when a man goes beyond the point of no return. When he's pushed too far, and he has nothing to lose. And everything to gain. And he has no issues doing whatever it takes, going as far as needed to get it"

    Looks at Alias in the ring "After this tournament is done, Alias. I'm gonna go toe to toe with one of the biggest stars in IWT. One of the best in the world. But I don't have anything to lose. You do. You will"
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  18. Chris Kaizer is back stage sleeping when a agent comes into his room and tells him of Andrew's challenge, Kaizer shakes his head and mouths "what?"
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  19. TNH - Your match is off since Shadow pulled out. It's back to a 6 man tourney.
  20. Check creative homie