OOC I say we have some dark matches today

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Aidsey Amore, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. This place has been inactive, and im not sure if people are busy with it being a tuesday morning, but i say let's have some dark matches today.

    Ill face the first person to challenge me, and we can go on from there either by post above, or some 3 way battles, or as we call it here, Farooq's match. Crayo you wanna party?
  2. Adding polls are broke and Jonathan wont make voting specific threads. This place was boring before polls broke anyway. Since Danny and Dat Kid left
  3. i'd face ya but i don't wanna kick your arse twice
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  4. I say we battle Aids.
  5. Looks like it wont be happening.
  6. Dark Matches.....I Say we let Gohan back into IWT so he can Job to people.
  7. I'm in and I can possibly make polls if not just post in threads.
  8. Well considering its 6pm here, and that means its midnight in Euro-land, i say let's move it to a tomorrow Dark card All day deal?

    Ill make the card around noon GMT and we can begin from there. If you have a preference on who you face, post it here and ill take care of it in the AM. Thanks for the help Seabs that would be dope.
  9. Nah I don't think so. When you have a stacked roster with Gav The Motherfucking Chav you can't go wrong. Although they were two good editions to this place, two people gone can't really make this boring no matter who they are. I will admit though I liked it when Jonathon and Dat Kid were running things around here, and Danny's anonymous gimmick was pretty boss too. But the only thing that's killed this place (by killed I mean "no longer fun") is inactivity. Cause if this place was popping, aint no body gonna be stopping :dawg:
  10. ^That, and the fact Jonathan is a HUGE pussy. Gaping even.
  11. I reckon we can get activity up.
  12. I would actually like to do some shit. I only joined the stable so I could have something to do in the IWT other than be a fucking boss
  13. im game but won't be able to compete till after 5pm uk time
  14. Why?
  15. It's happening dawg.
  16. I meant yesterday/late last night. It's on Today.
  18. Alright Seabs if i make the threads can you edit/add polls? Or should you make them so you can do it?
  19. Im down for this later
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