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  1. [Will Savat steps out twiddling a mic in his hands. He goes to speak but shakes his head as he marches into the ring]

    >Savat: I have been in this company for a couple weeks now and already I am sick of this show. Michael doesn't know how to book it and he doesn't see the potential he has here. Now me being a world class wrestler means I know a lot about wrestling. I know how shows are meant to be booked and I know who is meant to be booked.

    These locker rooms are filled with ghosts. Guys that don't even exist but are still being handed matches for belts. These phantoms just appear, but the sorry truth is that they don't.. They always no show. People like Al Blizzard.
    There are just a few people unlike good ol Al. Forte, Bishop, Pain.

    [Will Savat s*****s]

    >Savat: Let's not forget I got beat by Ryan Davis.
    No, there was one that really stood out to me. You see we are actually a lot alike. We deserved better for our first matches. We both work harder than that.
    Corey Marcus.

    We are both similar. You may not have my experience or world class skill, but you do have a fire in you about wrestling. I get it. I respect that!

    So I propose a match you will not want to refuse. A match against the best in the world. And even better, I will make sure its off that shit show Vice and is at IWT Retribution!
    What do you say kid? You wanted a fight?

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    Let's see the outcome of the match with Reag and yours with Blizzard, I might lose but if I do win and you win then the match is automatically set. But damn thanks man!
  3. this can be a PPV rematch
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    Ok let the voting finish for my current then I'll write my character's response, in the tournament whoever wins in my match is facing you, response is better if I know the result of my current match

  5. @Tumbas

    *Marcus comes out with a smile on his face despite his loss to Cole, music cuts off*

    "Wow... wow indeed, last night on vice Reagan Cole mentioned to stop me from finishing my work, he kept his teeth but he still hasn't escaped his fate. Ladies and gentlemen the man that will finish what I started on Reagan Cole.... Will Savat!"

    *Mixed reaction... Corey keeps walking to the ring*

    "This was the match we were supposed to have but somehow Reagan refuses to believe he has no hope, he still doesn't know hope."

    *Corey enters the ring*

    *Will, we never properly introduced, you already know me, i'm Corey Marcus. And don't worry I already know who you are, I saw your matches around the world, I saw the legacy you looked to build, I've watched you, I know exactly who you are....."

    *Looks at Savat dead on, no emotion*


    *Backs away a bit*

    "World Class... a man who is self proclaimed to have gone across the world as a star studded athlete. Al of your accomplishments made you who you are today, a dreamer. Will, you sound like a man who gives himself constant illusions of what he wants to be and believes them. I'm honored you picked me Will and I know why you did. You called me out because you want to know something Reagan Cole still doesn't know, you want to Know Hope. It is something you never learned nor had in your travels. You've gone around the world searching for it and finally decided to come here because you found no where else to go to ignore the guilt on yourself. Now I do know you are carrying faith Will, you carried it with you everywhere you went, but faith carries doubt and you can't carry faith without it."


    "So you wanna know if I accept your challenge? You wanna know if I will face you at retribution? You wanna know if I will give you the match that you should of got in the 2nd round of the IWT Grand Prix? You wanna know how it feels to witness the Bad Omen, your Bad Omen?"

    *Pauses again, grins*

    "I accept, because in the end of this fight.... faith will be the burden of you...."
  6. [Savat scoffs at the kid]

    >Savat: Cute promo kid. I appreciate you actually coming out here and giving me something, You hit me with something really hard. Compared to what everyone else has hit me with that is. See I have called out Michael countless times now. I have called out the stupid fuck Al Blizzard a few times now. None of those morons have the time or the balls to come out, face to face, and tell me something that will hurt me. You got guts kid. I already knew that. Now you can come out here as the big tough guy if that's what you feel will help. But I am now going to break down why I am the professional wrestler. And you, you're just a backyard wrestler.
    I have wrestled all over the globe Corey. I have beaten champions and I have led companies. But that isn't why I am the best in the world. I am the best wrestler in the world, because I understand what works and what doesn't. I know how to wrestle anyone, whatever their style is. I can make someone like Michael look like a champion if he stood in the same ring as me. Hell, maybe after this match I might make you look like a champion. Because right now you are looking good, not in your looks. But in the passion. You live and breath this. You like hurting people don't you.

    But the thing is when you hit a wrestler in Japan, they come back and hit you ten times as hard. You might think you are tough but I have shook hands with legends who have popped their own eyeballs back in their sockets. Fixed dislocations. Wrestled on broken bones. So what makes you so tough kid? To me you are nothing more than a street thug scrounging about on a sinking ship like the fool you are.

    You can call me pathetic because it is painfully apparent that you are still fresh in this business. You still don't understand that you aren't shit until you have had gold to your name and Corey Marcus, I have held a lot of gold. I am a champion, and not only that my wrestling knowledge makes you look like a mindless simpleton. So we got our match. You can tape up your fists as tight as you like. Because when you step into the ring with me, I am going to be the one knocking you straight. Corey Marcus you need me to make you great. Maybe once you have wrestled the best in the world, you might not be such a generic dickhead.

    [Savat drops his mic with a thud as he gives a lingering stare to Corey]
  7. *Corey still grins*

    "Best in the World, I've heard that before in the places I've been. Every single person I've heard say Best in the World is only swimming in ideas created in their head, it's not until I beat them in the ring and taught them the inconvient truth they understood. The truth is you are not the best the Best in the World Savat, I'm not either, nobody is. You can show off your gold and say it, you can wear that crown, but you are no king, you are just another proclaimer like anyone else. You don't have to know where I have been, I don't have to lecture you on my past, I don't have to sing my song for the world to see, no. I just have to show you in front of your precious false vision eyes what it's really all about, what I'm all about, teaching you that lesson."

    *notices he's ready to go*

    "What? You expecting a cheap shot? I'm to break the bad news, but only generic dickheads do that. Wait your turn to see you are one."

    *drops mic and leaves*

    *let this be the end of segment, best no punches are thrown*