I still love this song

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  1. :bury:

    You wanna fight!? :angry:
  2. In your bed or mine? :ksi:
  3. Cool story bro.
  4. Bro? Thought she was a girl? Or were you talking about me or Farooq? I'M CONFUSED! :cry:
  5. Aint not pillow fight! :tough:
  6. ASHLEY IS :pipebomb:
  7. Then we're talking about the same fight art :ksi:
  8. Feel obligated to point this out but this is a music thread and according to the description of the Gaming & Media section, music threads belong in there not here in the locker room.

    With that out of the way, I'm a rather big Goo Goo Dolls fan but I really find Iris to be overrated. It always seems to be hailed as their best song but I personally find Name, Acoustic #3, Slide, Lazy Eye and a couple of their other songs to be superior to Iris. I still like Iris though. Also, I'm pretty positive Rzeznik heard a certain Collective Soul song before he began writing Iris . . .

  9. Ya'll need more farms.
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    > everything posted (not Heavy Metal so don't run away crying girls)
  11. I oughta slap you with a glow stick deth. :gtfo:

  12. :gusta:
  13. :harvey:
  14. I am catching a buzz from you deth. :pity:

  15. I'm intoxicating

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  16. That gif... LOLOLOLOLOL
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