Storyline I thought this was the land of the free not a god damn commie state.

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  1. *Eric Draven walks into the same office as before, the picture of ZERO in his mankini is present but the entire room is covered in American flags including Draven who is wearing a suit which holds it's likeness. Draven positions the camera so it's facing towards the desk before sitting down.*​
    ED: Well here we are again you delightful people, we're here in the land of freedom. The home of the bald eagle.... the home of the Colonel and his famous chicken.... the home of IWT. Or so I thought, you see freedom is something that's lost when the right to free speech is lost. ​
    *Draven walks towards the camera*​
    ED: We are back to claim it, this isn't a threat this is a fact. We're already in your system, there is no CURE. There is no cancer, there is no DEITY to save you. We are there staring you in the face you're just too blind to see it.​
    *Draven sits back down and grabs a box of matches from the desk*​
    ED: From the ashes IWT will rise again but there is no ash without the flame like there is no you without me.​
    *The video ends*

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  2. Black Jesus: Da fuck you using 'Born In The USA' for? Dat shit trashing da USA, bitch. Also, the land of the Colonel and his famous chicken, the Colonel comeing to free chicken heaven, mhmmmm :kobe:
  3. :mog: song choice