Weekly "I want a match!" Week 3 (7th May)

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  1. Sign up template:
    Forum Name:
    Character Name:
    Feuding With:

    If you sign up to this thread, you need to do AT LEAST 1 PROMO throughout the week, otherwise you'll get a strike. If you do your match yet still don't promo, you'll still receive a strike.

    This thread will be open until Monday night. If you haven't signed up by then you wont be on this weeks card.
  2. Forum Name: @SupaHeeroh
    Character Name: Buster Gates
    Face/Heel: Heel
    Feuding With: N/A
    Allies: Reginald
  3. Forum Name: @TheKingSonic
    Character Name: Will Neilson
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding With: Whoever lost the other semi-final in the tournament.
    Allies: Jeff Styles
  4. Forum Name: @Welsh-Wizard-97
    Character Name: Alice Xander
    Face/Heel: Face (He did drop a kid, but he's adorable!)
    Feuding With: Buster Gates (I guess?)
    Allies: He got no friends :emoji_slight_frown:... YET! YOU WILL LOVE HIM DAMN IT!
  5. Solarxpixel
    Rhys Haze
    No allies/rivals
  6. Forum Name: @Indy
    Character Name: Big Dicc Danny
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding With: Nothing
    Allies: The entire site
  7. Forum Name: BriskPurple
    Character Name: Jack Villane
    Face/Heel: Face
    Feuding With: N/A
    Allies: N/A