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  1. Unknown emerges from the curtain, he stands on the stage, the lights go out, his jacket starts flashing of lights, he walks down to the ring, he slides onto the apron and stands in the ring facing the cameras, he is handed a mic

    I am not waiting any longer. I have had months of your bullshit your little mind games. You walk around cocky thinking you even have a chance at Wrestlemania to beat me and I am sick and tired of it. I'm going to keep this short and save my breath for Wrestlemania, get out here, sign this contract and make the match official.

    Unknown pulls out a contract

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  2. *Chris Kaizer walks back out and falls asleep at the announcers table*
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  3. *Artist is watching back stage with a cringe, he grabs an empty whiskey bottle and bashes it over his head to fall unconscious*
  4. Saturday night match bro :obama: congrats.

    Just hoping we have a match in this contest.
  5. Really confusing why you would congratulate me here...but thanks!
  6. was gonna pm, but was checked this thread out before. 2 birds stoned at once.
  7. PM over me getting booked higher than the GM,the IC,WHC,and X-Divison match?
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  8. You want a congratulation thread? Jono closed the WM thread, i had intend on congratulation you and frie there, as well as calling out Majour as the next X-division champion.
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  9. Yes, if you are willing to make one.
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  10. I am pretty happy just hijacking this thread for now. There is still time, i guess it's officially been announced I'll be becoming 4 time champ at WM2 - i should address that.
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  11. I forgot this thread was for a match build up thingy.....meh.
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  12. Unknown vs Jonathon, whore on a pole match! Make it happen :obama:
  13. We need a cool-down match before the ME in fairness
  14. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  15. So I've just seen this, card is already out, not much point in continuing this. :urm:
  16. Fuck sake Jono. BUILD BUILD BUILD.

    Aye thats what the Saturday show is for.
  17. What is there to build? IWT doesnt have a divas division, but we certainly need a piss break match.
  18. That would be Roadster's match.
  19. lmao Danny's first big match in a long while.

    Did creative finally figure out who is in what division yet? I am still waiting to see who is in the IWT title division.
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