I want to give someone the Extraterrestrial award

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Who deserves it? User needs to be quite strange but not like annoying strange, just a cool kinda strange. Someone you wouldn't change.

    So far I'm thinking @deth lol. Not sure anyone is going to complain.
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  2. I was certain he already had it.
  3. Im strange.
  4. Deth seems like a shoe-in.
  5. But you're not cool. :gtfo:
  6. oh hell no
  7. What if Deth is actually an extraterrestial.....
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  8. Deth for sure.
  9. deth wishes he were weird. he is just a hipster who tries to stand out. faggot

    Give it to Brita. that bitch is weird
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  10. deth. I count LDB as a runnerup.
  11. I feel so special now. :please:
  12. Nominate deth
  13. Brita is pretty weird, I mean Cat obessesion is a start :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:! Deth just seems too chilled!
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