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  1. Ryan Davis is shown sitting in a chair in front of a fireplace, Miss Elizabeth standing by his side.

    Ryan: Elizabeth, it's quite amazing, isn't it? It's amazing that whenever I say something, it's true? No, it isn't amazing, it is only cold, hard fact. When I said I would defeat Blackfire, what happened? When I said I would embarrass Nick, what happened? When I said Nick would not win the IWT Grand Prix Tournament, what happened? They all were right.

    Ryan: For those of you who are unaware of what I've done recently, let me clue you in. I'm not liked in the locker room, granted I really never was, but now it's obvious. The reason for that is because about a month ago on Vice, I was booked to face Nick for the second time in the first round of the Gran Prix. When it came time for our match, I didn't show up. Some say that I was afraid to face Nick, including Nick himself. However they somehow disregard the fact that I defeated him just weeks prior. I wasn't afraid and I had nothing to prove. I showed everyone that I am better than Nick... but people still didn't believe me, so I decided to send a message. I no-showed our second match, resulting in Nick advancing in the Grand Prix. I came out and said my reason is to prove in a very big way that Nick is an absolute disgrace to professional wrestling and I shouldn't be compared to him at all. I sacrificed and forfeited a shot at a world title, the Universal Championship to show everyone that Nick is nothing! He's nothing! Do any of you realize how dangerous I a---

    Ryan stops in the middle of his sentence and looks down for a moment as if he's getting frustrated.

    Ryan: No! None of you realize how dangerous I am because you moronic, ignorant idiots just disregard my skills, disregard my power simply because you don't like me. And I'll say it right now, both to every IWT wrestler and fan watching this right now, I couldn't give any less of a fuck what you think of me but just remember I am the only one here that is willing to sacrifice a world title match to prove a point. I am a revolutionary and soon enough this place will become my kingdom.

    Ryan: ...but, for this to become my kingdom, I have to take down the king. The ink is dry, at Uprising it will be Ryan Davis vs. Michael. Did I try to blackmail him for a Television Championship match? You're damn right I did. I did because I deserve it. I forfeited a world title match to Nick and like only Nick could, he blew the opportunity. I deserve a championship match. I know it and so does Michael, but just like he says, he doesn't like me thus I get no championship match. Now Michael, you can hold me down the rankings all you want, but why is Chris Young getting a title match? Who the fuck cares about Chris Young? Meanwhile I'm the hottest wrestler on your roster and I get a match with you?

    Ryan: Instead of a match for the Television Championship, a midcard title, I'm getting a match with Michael. That's a steep drop, isn't it? But you people should realize who really runs this company, the evidence is right there! Michael is too busy trying to fill his own ego that he won't give his most valuable employee a midcard title match. Oh no, Michael just needs a match with me instead. But Michael, like I said, you don't want to give me a title match, that's fine. Even though me facing you does nothing for my career, I'll make something out of it. I'm going to injure you Michael. I'm being dead serious right now. I'm stepping into Uprising with the goal of breaking your arm, or your leg or giving you a concussion. Because that way I'll finally get what I deserve while you're laying in a hospital bed.
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