I will make the rage thread so you don't have to.

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  1. Ziggler lost to ADR at Payback, and his first proper reign is actually as pathetic as his first two minute reign. What were the reasons? Is there any logic? I'm not even watching it due to my PC not being able to handle streams tonight, but I'm fucking fuming.

    Post the rage.
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  2. i remember why i don't watch wrestling a lot now
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  3. i mean, what the fuck is this bullshit
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  4. hope vince's entire family get eaten by a shark
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  5. and all the writers starve to death
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    (Damn... walked into spoiler thread like a retard...)

    Liking your post because those tags are fucking amazing.

    <Deleted Ziggler rant>
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    <Deleted Del Rio rant>
  8. Gets ADR mad heat, while Ziggler gets over as a face after his valiant effort to retain the title. It's frustrating that Ziggler's reign has already come to a finish, but let's be honest, it meant jack shit anyway. Build him up properly as a face, get ADR hated as a heel and HOPEFULLY they'll get Ziggler as champ again with a lot more credibility.

    It's frustrating as a Ziggler mark but looking at it objectively, this could turn out to be a great thing for him .
  9. I seriously don't get, Del Rio barely gets any momentum, heel or face, but WWE still finds it logical to give him the belt when Ziggler, who was punished for half his career, only has a pathetic 2 and a half month reign, while being out for most of it. I seriously hope this is only to set up a series for them going on to Money in the Bank, where Ziggler will probably win it back, and finish it at Summerslam, hopefully where Ziggler retains.

    Otherwise, fuck Vince and go get mauled by bears along with your family.

  10. You're a Ziggler fan, right? Ignoring Del Rio - who'll get heat now anyway - aren't you pleased that it appears he MAY be getting some decent booking in the next few months? Forget the reign, which, let's be honest, was always gonna suck given the lack of credibility the guy had. They're obviously not just gonna give up on him, it's quite apparent to me that he's gonna be getting a face push on the back of this.
  11. You would have to be retarded to not see how brilliant this is. Ziggler is OVER as a face. The double turn was executed to perfection. Ziggler is the sympathetic babyface I've been screaming for him to become and ADR is a sinister heel who just got more heat than he ever has. What's the problem? Ziggler doesn't look weak, he looks like a badass for having so much heart before finally falling, in large part due to the concussion. I, and many others, were calling for this cursed reign to end, and he now has more momentum as former champ(as does ADR, the new champ) than he ever had as champ. This feud now his legs! This can now lead to DZ winning his belt back from ADR at Summerslam and having a proper reign as a face
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  12. After actually watching the match and not "just seeing a spoiler and assuming WWE is up to their typical BS", ignore both of my posts earlier por favor
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  13. I was crying when Ziggler lost. And ADR's promo made me hate him. So good.
    I had a Randy Orton beating Christian moment, but I don't hate ADR really.
  14. You don't often see this kind of behavior and modesty on the internet wrestling boards. Wish more people would try to do this whether it's TNA or WWE or any other company.

    Big like man.
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    Now I have actually WATCHED the match (fuck streams), I actually kinda like the double turn. The match quality was excellent, the crowd reaction was even better. Without a hot crowd this would have failed though. BUT, regardless of how well it's done, we now have face Ziggler which I have said why is retarded in Dolph's thread he made. I have no faith in WWE booking face Ziggler well. ALSO, we have ADR as a heel champion ONCE AGAIN. The dude fucking sucks as a heel, no one cares about him. Maybe Dolph being so damn good can get him some temporary heat as he screwed the beloved Ziggler, but otherwise, we're in for yet another boring WHC reign. "He's over now he's screwed Dolph" - no, Dolph is over, and the ridiculously hot crowd of Chicago were inevitably going to boo him. ADR will continue to get crickets after his monotone promos with the casuals. The dude is boring as hell.

    I don't see why so many people seem pleased that Ziggler is over as a face. He was over as a heel. What do you prefer, bad heel booking or bad face booking? I don't foresee WWE having so much faith in Dolph that his face run goes like it should, where he has lost of mic time to get over his face character and is booked strongly. Punk is an example of how well someone can turn out with good booking. Dolph is the face of bad booking (pun unintended). So, I'm indifferent about last nights result.

    - It's good because it actually makes me care about the WHC temporarily to see how Ziggler turns out.
    - It's bad because ADR is once again champion, and the potential for Dolph to be ruined is so high.
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  16. He was getting pops as a heel lol
  17. Against such amazing heel booking, right? Why would the crowd boo Ziggler?

    He would arrive, perform amazingly in the ring, and lose. With good heel booking he could have been amazing.
  18. Also, Punk was receiving pops throughout his entire heel period as champion. Means nothing.
  19. But he wasn't getting that booking he was being jobbed out as a heel yet people still liked him, it's the Punk scenario again why fight it when people want to cheer lol. At least give his face run a try, this is nearly a bigger over reaction than the shield jobbing on SD imo. Just let it play out and if it flops hate on it but look how excellent it's been so far, we get a boyhood dream story from a great seller, ADR gets heat and something fresh as the obnoxious hero heel and the WHC looks worth something given how much Ziggler went through to keep it.

    Am I saying it'll be perfect or even good? :nope: I'm saying wait until they do something wrong before hating at least.
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  20. Now he's turning back face it seems, seriously why are you so mad about something which was so well done?
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