Storyline I Will Not Be Overlooked

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  1. *Kousaki walks down to the ring to boos. He pays no mind to them, grabs a microphone, and then gets in the ring.*

    KousakI: So, IWTMania 2 ended recently, and my match started off the show. There were only 4 of us, and everyone out there wanted to see Nick vs Harriet, and they paid no mind to either me or Tyler Freeborn. How trite. You people got your wish, and now what do you want me to do? I'm going to guess that you don't want to see me out here anymore after you got Harriet vs Nick. However, there's only one thing that I came out here to say today, and that is that I WILL NOT be overlooked by anyone in IWT as well as the fans. I may have not put on the best of performances at IWTMania 2, but unlike Tyler and Harriet, I'm not going to be a wasted talent in IWT. Harriet's back down to where Tyler is, and I'm currently drifting wherever I want to be. And Nick, Nick's on his way to becoming the new X Division champion. And to give credit where it's due, Nick deserves his position as the number one contender. With that being said, I'm still here in IWT, and I'm not going anytime soon. I will not die off and become a forgotten name, I will not be overlooked by the majority of IWT. You'll all see.
  2. OOC: i think you are Overlooked because your only victory is over IWT's top Jobber
  3. OOC: There's a thing called storyline.
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  4. OOC: just sayin'.........
  5. OOC someone get in here and dark match the guy.
  6. OOC: @Ultimate Sycosis Do Ya Job and Job!
  7. No. Why don't you step up?
  8. I just accepted this match because you said I have a chance :obama:
  9. nah you faced him and are waiting for dat kid. I want to see a new member step up.
  10. Lol, I never faced him... I guess but I'm looking for some action..
  11. lol i hate continuing to post here. I would suggest you wait for dat kid or go vs big talent until you face him. Nero is a great 1st match for a lot of people, because he is competitive and has a good chance of winning no matter who he faces. I would prefer to see newer talent go up vs nero.

    Someone, step up.
  12. OOC: oh I get it, yeah @The ReagMaster do YOUR job and job.
  13. OOC: already faced him at EC in his Debut Match but i know @Dojo from another Forum and he's good at Promos aswell and he's signed unless this is a different Person
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  14. Rematch?
  15. OOC: no,i don't think Nero wants a Second Squash Match against me
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  16. IMO if you have more dialog and less actions it would help.
  17. I'd gladly face Nero but his post is on storyline, I'm rocking dark matches for a while as a ring jockey at the moment, not ready to push into storyline yet
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  18. It's dark matches. Go for it brah. [​IMG]
  19. Marcus Anthony comes out to the entrance ramp without any music and already has a mic in hand....

    Marcus: Kousaki....we all saw what transpired at IWTMania where Harriet vs Nick stole the show.
    *crowd pops*
    But alas there you were in the shadows being forgotten. Well, being in the dark isn't bad at all. You need to embrace it, and then once it becomes part of'll be able to unleash it's great strength. It's time to face your fear and let the pain be your guide towards your destiny

    *The lights go out in the arena and after 30 seconds of darkness Nero is nowhere to be seen once the lights come back on. Meanwhile Marcus Anthony is still at the top of the ramp*

    Marcus:Darkness has....fallen
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