Storyline I Will Not Leave Until This Contract Is Signed

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  1. *Hawk strolls out with this grin on his face: [​IMG], The ring is set up with a table, Two chairs and an official in the ring, Hawk is holding a file of paper, DK is discussing with Hawk as @Queen Chrysalis walks distantly from behind, Hawk walks up the steps into the ring, He sits at the table, Puts the file of paper down and is handed a mic*

    Isn't it bad enough I need to bring myself to the level of one Mr Jacob Colton but then my match is suddenly without warning dropped off the card because our General Manager is a corrupt man who makes up excuses for dropping me because of his personal issue with me as it proves the level of maturity he has to bring personal issues into the workplace, To be honest I am sick of it, He uses personal issues against me and makes excuses after excuses and im sick of it.

    As you all know the first step to our goal here in IWT is to rid this horrible place of Jacob Colton, Jacob has been a thorn in my side for months now and it comes to an end, At Survivor Series I will survive the final battle as I face Jacob Colton ONE. MORE. TIME., We will fight here, There, Everywhere oh WAIT we wont. Jacob Colton is an animal, A disgusting human being, A dog really. Dogs are dangerous animals so I will cage the animal, I will destroy Jacob Colton once again inside a steel structure feared by many men who dare to step into the HELL IN A CELL.

    The challenge is out there.

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  2. *Jacob comes out with no music wearing his street attire. He gets into the ring and asks for a mic*

    You know, Adam? This has come really far. We started to hate each other since you first joined IWT and we still hate each other right now. You just said I'm a dog. Just because I'm not as tall as you are doesn't mean I'm a dog so you should just shut your mouth. Inside a cell... You want to fight a lion inside a cell... A steel structure. You know what? Rodrigo isn't here because he's taking a rest but he'll someday return, and I will never forget what he told me once. Si juegas con fuego, te quemarĂ¡s. That's exactly what he told me, and it's true. You're trying to fight a demon in a cell. A place where you can't scape. A place where your career can end. A place where I can do whatever I want to your body just to get the win. We went through war in our last match. This time it won't change. Our match will be more physical. Our match will be more entertaining. Now give me that stupid contract so I can sign it and you can get your match.

    *Jake signs the contract and throws it to Adam's face.*

    You've got it! See you at Survivor Series, failure!

    *Jake then gets out of the ring*

    I won't stay there so you can cowardly attack me again. I aint that stupid...
  3. Oh you're too late for running now.......
  4. I told you earlier that we aren't doing HiAC?
  5. Not the PPV but that doesn't mean we cant have the match.
  6. Marked for JONAFAT name :haha:
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  7. Same happened to me. LOL.
  8. Bruce Knight's Music Plays and both Adam and Jacob turn around to face the ramp. Out comes Knight in a nice black suit And he walks down to the ramp to where Jacob is. He looks at both men before smiling
    "Well, Look who've we got here....We have Jacob Colton and Adam Hawk, Singing a contract for Survivor Series.....Unfortunatly they'll only be one survivor.....
    Out Of Nowhere, Knight Superkicks Colton, who goes to the floor.
    "And that won't be you. You see....I've had a change of heart. No more shall I be an Underdog, no longer will I be cheated out of my wins....I will exceed everyone's expectations....and I'll do it by the side of My Brothers!"
    Knight Picks Colton up and throws him into the nearest steel steps. He then stares at Colton's body and Knight Smiles.
  9. *After a few minutes, the camera shows Jake can't move, butt suddenly he shakes his head. Jacob can't get back to his feet. Jacob asks for someone to bring him a mic. When they give him the microphone, he's still laying on the floor and with a really soft voice he says...*

    Oh, Adam... So you have a new friend... They can't help you to beat me inside that cell...

    *Jacob's voice suddenly stops. He isn't reacting. A little kid near Jacob starts shouting for an ambulance. The ambulance arrives and Jacob leaves the ring on a stretcher. No one knows what happens to him. Stay tuned to the IWT app to know more about Jake*
  10. Black Jesus: This storyline is like ebay's's going down hill.
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