Storyline I will win the Royal Rumble

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  1. *Anonymous' 12 theme hits*

    *Announcer 1* What is that all over his vintage "V" mask?
    **Announcer 2** Is that....blood?

    *** Anon makes his way into the ring, once arriving he lays down in the middle of the ring, mic in hand***

    What have I done? That's a great question. If you go by wins and losses you can say I haven't done much at all. As a matter of fact, since returning at the beginning of this month, I haven't even had a match. As I lay here, staring at the rafters, it's about time for me to realize my potential. Perhaps I'm my biggest fan, but in all fairness, who else is there to root for in I.W.T?

    Have you seen what's transpired lately?

    ****Anon touches the blood on his fask*****

    Oh, this blood? This is the blood of each and every one of you sitting here today. This is the sacrificial blood of Danielson himself. You remember that lowly degenerate, correct?

    He so badly wanted to be liked. He followed all the rules, he stood up for Dat Kid against management. He helped Victoria Parker break into this business, and get her, her first gold as tag team champions. He and Senhor AKA The Perfect Dragons made the tag team championship what it is today.

    Oh, but this all came for a price. Senhor, and Victoria had a fast track up the ladder here at I.W.T. Meanwhile, Danielson was left behind, constantly put in with the bottom feeders of I.W.T. He's watched Aids Johnson, duck and dodge any match, politicking himself to the top.

    Ahhhhh Danielson, what ever became of him? I wonder. One day it came to me, NO! It came to US! That it was time to fix the corruption here within the I.W.T. I made vignettes, I broke Britta out of jail, and I stood up against Jono.

    Still, Danielson wasn't happy.

    I told him to just wait, your time is coming

    Danielson realized what he had to do, and that's where we are today. I killed Danielson, but his blood is flowing through my veins. I've bathed in his transgressions, I've loathed in his pain, I've embraced his being. Danielson and I are one and the same.

    We are finally whole, and this sunday..... it's time. The first match since my return will be something I will always remember. My mind is humming

    Starts singing

    Mother I've made it here
    A long and winding road
    Striking fear in the corrupt
    Living a life of pure gold
    Now it's time for my journey to begin
    The dust has begun to smoke
    There will be blood
    Enough to make a superstar like Aids Johnson Choke.
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  2. *Cole watches the promo in the gym*!
    Cole: I have to face this guy!? in Britain he would get ARRESTED for killing a man! HE could probably KILL me in that rumble for CHRIST'S SAKE! and that is not the Cole way
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  3. You die to be reborn