IC Title - Senhor vs FailFaceFTW - IWT Payback

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Who's your winner?

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  1. Senhor Perfect

  2. FailFaceFTW

  1. Former triple crown champion has all but one prized possession left in the Intercontinental Championship. Can Facefall deliver the final blow in the legacy of Senhor Perfect? Or can Senhor Perfect prove to the world that his legacy has only just begun. In a match for the Intercontinental Championship, Senhor Perfect vs FailFace!

    Intercontinental Championship

    The following contest is a 2 promo battle match and is for the Intercontinental Championship!
    -Both competitors will have 2 promos each and 24 hours to submit them both
    -No pictures, videos, or live stream is allowed in the contest
    -At the end of the promo period an additional 24 hour will be used for voting polls.
    -The person with the most votes will be the winner.

    The match begins now! If you're ready to vote before the 24 hours is up for promoing, let me know.
  2. You go ahead first FailFace, I didn't see where you said you'd be on.
  3. *Walks out wearing a leather jacket, carrying a Kendo Stick*

    Well what do we have here? The first IWT triple crown champion reduced to a single title champion soon to be none. What happened to you Perfect? Reduced to a simple jobber for the IC title. When's the last time you even won a match? But now what? Reduced to fighting a former European Champion who's gonna take whatever's left of your "intimidating" legacy. And I know everything you're gonna say against me, some might say the same old shit everyone uses. My post count is lower than most and I'm rarely ever active, so I'll be horrible as a champion. If that was even the case, you've been reduced to fighting someone like that. I've used the word reduced a lot this promo, so I'll wrap it up with a simple statement that describes what I'll do to you. I'm going to reduce you to a bottom of the barrel jobber who always yearns for that next title shot.
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  4. *Senhor walks out to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos. He has a wide grin on his face as he saunters to the ring. He lifts the belt up to the crowd and kisses it, before handing it to the referee.*

    You know what FF? you're absolutely right. I haven't won a match in a long time, and I must seem like a real easy target right now. I guess you could say I've been spiralling down the fucking drain since WrestleMania. The easiest thing for me to do would be to walk down here, hand you my belt and never show my face in IWT again. That'd make a lot of people very happy. But let me tell you something brother! Even when I was at the top of the mountain, looking down at guys like you, there was one possession that meant more to me than anything else.

    MY Intercontinental Championship!

    Some might say, "why would you cherish what's considered a secondary belt more precious than the world title?"

    Let me answer that for you. This title means the world to me. As a little child, i would watch pro wrestling on television religiously. I had a very keen eye for talent even at that tender age. You know what I noticed f squared? No? I noticed that the IC champ was the hardest working, best worker in the entire damn company! The world title was usually held by some lumbering dinosaur that wouldn't know a hurricanrana from hurricane Ron. So my favourite wrestlers always were the ones holding, or in contention for the IC title.

    What does that have to do with you? It's quite simple F double, no one is going to take my title away from me. Screw what's happened in the past wi my other championships. This one is the one I hold dearest, it means the most to me, and I've put my blood, sweat, and tears into this reign. I've held this title since December of last year. It, along with CM Punks WHC reign, are the longest in IWT history. I'm not just going to lay down and let some part timer waltz in and take it from me.

    I noticed that you ran your mouth about all of my faults. I'll admit, there are quite a few. However, what in the hell are the pros to having you win this title? You're outclassed son, don't let the recent record fool you. School is in session and I'll be glad to give you a lesson. I think it would be in your bet interests to just lay down and eat the pin before you embarrass yourself.
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  5. -No pictures, videos, or live stream is allowed in the contest
    Is that a DQ?
  6. It's his titantron.
  7. Is it two promos each or are we done Jonathan ?

  8. "-Both competitors will have 2 promos each and 24 hours to submit them both"

    Please read the thread :sad:
  9. I'm obviously illiterate :pity:
  10. The geezer obviously doesn't read anything that isn't written in runes or hieroglyphs. Like some kind of retro hipster.
  11. Here's a legend for you to use in the future:

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  12. I see so many swears I missed before. Mind boggling #Britluminati

  13. More like hipster Jesus, the beard and such.
  14. :willis:
  15. I'm on to you. I will reveal it all. #Britluminati #JonaMasons
  16. accusations! :angry:
  18. Noticed how Jonathan is always slagging off competitors and trying to put down their morale :pity2:
  19. DQ's and champions retain. Better hope it isn't
  20. I've already addressed the issue. It's his titantron, it's allowed. Not sure why you aren't posting your other promo guys.