ICW 1st Show Preview

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    ICW World Heavyweight Title
    Lord Lee vs Plasma Snake
    ICW US Title
    Awful News Adam vs Gav the Chav

    ICW TV Title
    "The Sandman" vs Eduardo

    ICW TV Title #1 Contender Match
    Tyler Freeborn vs Chris Kaizer

  2. occ: uh i not in this! I the commissioner!
  3. TV Title? It will do for now.
  4. stay in place. I still need find my "Corporate Champion"!
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  6. I killed the Boss :jeritroll:

    Show Spoiler
    Last off topic reply lol
  7. So what is the format then for this fed?

    Also wasn't I going to face Emperor?
  8. occ: nah b/c I on screen boss so it make scence for me wrestler since I am the Commissioner and doing part creavie with ICW. I may wrestler here in there like Vince M. but it should right now I should just try to pt over a top heel as the bosses champion and have hi feud against top face.
  9. So do we need to do anything for this or what?
  10. Cut a promo on Bad News Brown
  11. Here or in it's own thread?
  12. Own thread
  13. So it's like IWT?
  14. Sorta the matches are pre determined but the voting part isn't is not here, you cut a promo. I like it and the public like it. Best sure you'll win. Then I write the match out.
  15. Me vs Clinton, Dream match!
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