ICW 2nd Show Preview

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  2. Updated with Goldberg 2.0 facing a jobber
  3. The twenty five old pro wrestler, Jeremy had been tuned into program backstage awaiting his match, when he was prepared he walked from the curtain debutting into the wrestling universe. Once he walked out from behind the curtains you could here.

    Pyro's flared while an impressively large man standing 6 foot 4 emerged in the middle of the ramp roaring like a lion before finishing his trek to the ring.

    He looked like he was ignoring the fans but he wasn't, he felt them there and knew they were around, he was just focused on getting in the ring and ending this match as quickly as it begins. He was soon standing in the ring preparing to face his opponent stretching out his back against the ropes. Before he awaited his opponent standing in the corner of the ring a few feet away from the turnbuckle.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.