ICW 4th Show Preview

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    Open Fight Night LIVE From The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida!

    ICW World Heavyweight Title Match

    Lord Lee vs (Open Challenge)

    Gohan Challenge Match
    Kaz Miller vs (Open Challenge)

    US Heavyweight Title Match
    Plasma Snake vs Awful News Adam

    ICW TV Title Match
    Brandon Cage vs (Open Challenge)

    ICW Lightweight Title Match

    Tyler Freeborn vs Alexander "Thunder" Tyler
    Tagging all Competitors! @Lord Ovalhead @Shadow @Big Boss @B.Dazzle @Bill Clinton @sXe ToTo @The ReagMaster
  2. Yeah, gonna write a promo for sure after this event, I have been really busy and lazy.
  3. Sorry for being such an inactive ****, wil start posting promos again after this match
  4. OOC: how do open challenges work? Do I just call the champion out and they choose to accept or not? or have i misunderstood the concept?
  5. Considering you haven't had a match, i recommend you don't call out a champion, and yes ask the person via PM if they would like a match if they accept, make an open challenge and tag them. I make the match thread and label it House Show and you promo so on.
  6. Yah makes sense, was making sure :)
  7. Am I still a champ?
  8. Wow, Yep...Yes..You..Are
  9. Gohan challenge match? will we see some Masenko blast, who's gonna go super sayian?