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    *ICW Proudly presents to you.....ICW...Caution!*

    *The show starts off with a countdown clock on the bottom with "Pre-Show" written on the bottom left as a watermark. As Fish Boy is in the ring*

    Roadster: Ladies and gentleman welcome to the ICW Caution, Pre-show. We will have Fish Boy vs Jeremy Marshawn to kick us off.

    Jeremy Marshawn vs Fish Boy: Fish boy and Marshawn stare each other down when all of a sudden JM gut kicks him....and jackknife! He crouches down in the corner waiting him to get up...SPEEEAAAR! 1-2-3!

    Hype for ICW Wrestling Challenge this May

    Hype for Lee vs Snake

    Hype for the Lightweight Title match

    *ICW Proudly presents to you.....ICW...Caution!*

    *Major Pyro show fills the arena with smoke but it's quickly sucked away as the lights come one and Beautiful People blares in the background*

    Roadster: Welcome ladies and gentleman! Roadster here with my broadcast colleague! Horace Tekinwayway for our first ICW Pay-Per-View! Live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois with over 16,000+ selling out this great show!

    Horace: I have never felt such excitement in an ICW show, i absolutely can't wait for Snake and Lee-

    Roadster: What about Kaz vs Adam in a ladder match for the ICW...UNITED STATES BELT!

    Horace: How about we see Josh vs Cage in a Street Fight for the ICW TV title, Let's get started!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is is Street Fight and is for the ICW TV Title!

    Announcer: Introducing first from Greenville, South Carolina, weighing in at 260 pounds, at the height of 6'4..the ICW TV Champion....."Mr.Sandman" Brandon.....CAAAAAAAAGGE!

    Announcer: Introducing second from San Diego, California weighing in at 170 pounds at the height of 6'1......Josh...Nichols!

    They tie up a Brandon Cage punches Josh straight in the face busting his nose in and Josh rolls out as Cage goes outside and get's a kendo stick and chases Josh around but Josh rolls in and kicks his head and busts his mouth, and Josh pounces on him and ground and pounds his face in until he goes to pick up the kendo stick but Cage kicks up and takes the stick and repeatedly beats him with the stick until Josh's back his horribly cut and has whelks on his back, as Cage lifts him by the hair and whacks his head with the stick and Cage is cut wide open. Cage walks outside and goes under the ring to pull out a table, he slides it in and looks under the ring again and pulls out a ladder! Cage rolls in but get's whacked with a huge shot to the back with the kendo stick. Josh set's up the table and grabs Cage and puts him on the table but he rolls off and spears Josh before setting up the ladder horizontally in the corner and pulls in a Good Night through the ladder, 1-2-Thre- NO! He kicked out! The camera zooms in on Cage's face and you can see all the blood from his mouth as well as a fountain of sweat. Cage picks Josh up by the hair but Josh pushes Cage to the ground, Josh picked up half of the broken ladder and throws it at his head, Cage is busted wide open. Josh goes outside and takes out another ladder. He carries it across the ring in front of his face. Cage super kicks the ladder into his face and knocks Josh down. Cage goes outside and pulls out a bag as the crowd erupts. Cage pours the contents of th bag on the table, THERE TACKS! Josh whacks cage in the gut with the kendo stick. Josh puts up the ladder adjacently from the table, He starts climbing and dragging cage up with him, they reach the last rung when Cage punches Josh so hard he loses a tooth. Cage has him in a Good Night predicament! AND THE GOOD NIGHT OFF THE LADDER THROUGH THE TABLE AND TACKS!! THE CROWD GOES NUTS!!!. 1-2-3! *DING DING DING*

    Announcer: Here's your winner and STTIIIILLL I.C.W TV champion! Brandon....CAAAAAAAAGGE!

    Roadster: OH My God! Did you see that Horace? Well while we had a major match take place, we have another action packed show next month it's ICW Wrestling Challenge, May 10th LIVE from Orlando in the fruit bowl! But let's get to the ICW Lightweight battle!

    Announcer: The following contest is a triple threat match and it's for the I.C.W Lightweight Championship!


    Announcer: Introducing first from New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 225 pounds, at the height of 6'4....Chris Kaizer!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Buenos Aires, Argentina! weighing in at 216 pounds, at the height of 6'1.....Tyler.....FREEEEBORN!

    Announcer: Introducing third! from New York City, weighing in at 210 pounds at the height of 5'7....Alexander..."Thunder" TYLLLLER!

    Chris and Alex look at Tyler and they slowly walk towards him but Chris turns on Alex and beats him down and throws him out of the ring. Tyler and Chris whale on each other and Tyler gets the upper hand and starts stopping his chest as Chris falls, he rolls out of the ring and regroups by Alex but Tyler runs off one rope and when he reaches the side Chris and Alex are on he jumps over the ropes and does a hurricanrana looking move but get's caught in a power bomb by Chris and he slams him down with a thud on the concrete with Tyler's head bouncing off the concrete! Chris throws Alex into the ring, as they start brawling and Alex get's the upper hand and get's in a tiger bomb on one of the tacks that were left from the last match, as Chris screams in pain. Alex runs and get's a shinning wizard knocking out Chris. 1-2-Thre- Tyler got a shooting star press on both of them and goes for the pin after pulling Alex off. 1-2-3! *DING DING DING*

    Here's your winner! Tyler Freeborn!

    Announcer: The following contest is a ladder match and it's for the ICW United States Championship!


    Announcer: Introducing first from Manchester, England, weighing in at 252 pounds at the height of 6'7! The United States Champion.....Awful....News...AAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDAAAAAAM!

    Adam: Can i have some decorum please! I'm afraid I've got some Awful News! Kaz Miller will shit his pants here tonight because i will break his back, destroy his gut and ultimately make him quit the I...C...W. Thank you very much!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Japan, weighing in at 187 pounds at the height of 6'0.....He is one half of the ICW Tag Team Champions....Kaz Miller!!!

    They stare above before Adam cheap shots and throws Kaz outside and he goes and grabs a ladder and climbs up quickly but the title is swinging, Kaz get's up quickly, jumps off the top rope landing on top of the ladder to before kicking his hand of the belt and he get's him in a suplex! And they spill outside with the suplex off the ladder! They both stay down for about 4 more minutes. Kaz crawls back in laying on a dried up blood puddle from earlier's street fight. Kaz starts to crawl up the ladder, but Adam get's up to and drags him out and get's another ladder and rams it into his gut. Kaz swivels in pain on the ground as Adam starts to slowly climb up the ladder. He get's by the 7 rung before Kaz drop kicks the ladder over, and uses a chair from ringside to punish the back of Adam with 23 chair shots repeatedly to the back of Adam, before smacking one over the head of Adam causing blood flow. Kaz slowly starts climbing but when he reaches the top you hear-

    The Corporate Teams music plays as Kaz get's distracted! Adam tips over the ladder with Kaz spilling to the floor. Adam climbs up the ladder and get's the belt!

    Announcer: Here's your winner Awful News AAAAAAAAADAM!

    Gohan comes out to congratulate Adam on the victory obviously with help from Gohan.

    Gohan stays as he's the special ref for the main event.

    Announcer: The following contest is sceduled for one fall and is for the ICW World Heavyweight Title, with special referee...Emperor Gohan!


    Announcer: Introducing first from Sully, Wales, weighing in at 250 pounds, at the height of 6'4....The ICW World Heavyweight Champion...Lord Leeeeeeee!

    Announcer: Introducing second, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 197 pounds...at the height of 5'11....Plasma....SNAAAAAAAKE!

    They grapple but Lee being a veteran turns the tables and get's a arm wrench from behind but Snake reverses it into a swift arm drag making the blood filled mat look like a truly established battle ground. They tie up and Lee flips snake over and get's in a Camel Clutch with Snake screaming in pain, Gohan spits in his face. Gohan keeps on slapping and torturing Snake but Snake over powers Lee and slams back crushing Lee who rolls out and Snake goes after him where Lee get's in a clear as day low blow but Gohan continues the match. Lee rolls in and so does Snake who get's tired of the bullying and starts whaling on Lee, knocking him out of the ring as Gohan calls for the bell for no reason, Snake turns around and starts whaling on Gohan who get's knocked out of the ring as well. Lee looks horrified as he clutches his world title closely to his chest as Gohan gains his composure back. Snake get's on the Mic.

    Snake: I'm tired of this bullshit, Gohan and Adam have saved you multiple times! At Wrestling Challenge, i challenge you to a Steel Cage match!

    Lee: Why do i need to prove myself to you! But i'm tired of a fan fighting me, i will shut your mouth just like i will shut every marks mouth! YOUR ON

    Gohan goes crazy, he looks sad, angry and desperate all at the same time. both Snake and Lee point at each other as the show ends.

    OOC: Tagging all competitors, @Shadow @Big Boss @Lord Ovalhead @sXe ToTo @The ReagMaster @Real Rock N Rolla @Bill Clinton @CM Punk @nationalhala @B.Dazzle @GoldbergFan1
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  7. No offense, but wouldn't the logo look better if it was actually Caution? The current one is just random.

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