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    ICW World Heavyweight Title History (open)
    March 16th-Current: Lord Lee

    ICW TV Title History (open)
    March 16th-Current: Brandon Cage

    ICW United States Heavyweight Title History (open)
    March 16th-Current: Awful News Adam

    ICW Tag Team Title's History (open)
    March 30th-Current: The Alliance (Kaz Miller and Plasma Snake)

    ICW Japan Tour Winners (open)
    #1: Chris Kazier

    ICW Lightweight Title History (open)
    Tyler Freeborn: April 5th-Current

    ICW Shows (open)
    ICW Sunday Inferno: 3/16/14, Gohan screws Snake to give Lee the title
    ICW Sunday Inferno: 3/30/14, Kaz and Snake capture the tag titles with help from Roadster
    ICW Caution: 4/514, The Corporate Team Screws all Comers!