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    Honestly, How can Progress have a Discussion thread without ICW Having one?

    Anyway, ICW on Demand is only around £3-4, so get it on the cheap for all the events on there.

    They recently held Fear and Loathing, their biggest show in the SECC, a big feat seeing as they attracted the largest crowd in UK history since 1981 by a UK Company and Now, they attempt to fill out the Hydro, november next year.

    So, Discuss ICW, one of the biggest, if not important, promotions of British Wrestling today, here.

    F&L Spoilers (open)
    Show was good, crowd wasn't as dead as I heard but they certainly was saving it for the Main Event.

    Grado winning the championship capped off the story they told during that match.

    ICW tour next year, February and March, hoping to go to the Cardiff show in March to see the show firsthand.
  2. Should probably clarify. They had the biggest crowd by a UK promotion since 1981. Not ever.
  3. What was the attendance number?
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  4. Read somewhere that it was 4,000.
  5. Damn, I need to watch more of ICW and PROGRESS.
  6. ICW is one of if not the best british promotion ive watched
  7. I was on ICW OD but I unsubbed because the lack of content and buffering problems. Do they have every show on there now?
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  8. Yeah that i know of
  9. I'm a progress guy myself. I feel that ICW is a bit too ambitious in their swerves and booking.

    But they do have Joe Hendry
  10. Glad I wasn't the only one who had that issue, another thing which although it's completely out of their control was the lack of entrance music for certain guys. Really takes you out of it. I'd rather they dubbed something over than just leaving it as silence.
  11. So.. renfrew just roasted Galloway a fucker he said

    "Galloway, If it wasn't for ICW you'd be stuck doing a Drew McIntyre tribute act.''
  12. Renfrew is ICW loyal to the point of comedy and tragedy.

    The dude seems to legit carry an axe for anyone that stops working mainly for ICW. Like Grado for example.
  13. sooooooooooooooo.. Kurt Angle
  14. Congrats to ICW for getting a deal with the Fight Network. Their show will now air in over 30 countries, USA and Canada among them.
  15. still no UK tv though..