ICW House Show: Chris Kaizer vs Haruto Islamu

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    *The last Japan House Show Main Event*

    Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana....weighing in at 225 Pounds...at the height of 6'4......Chris...KAAAAAIIIZEER!
    He walks down grining and the crowd goes ballistic

    Introducing second, from Hiroshima, Japan...weighing in at 178 Pounds....at the height of 5'6....Haruto...ISLAAAAAAAAAMMMUUUUUU!
    He walks down with a slight smile and is booed extensively

    Kaizer and Islamu lock up when Islamu gets in leverage and puts in a cross arm breaker which CK (Chris Kaizer) gets out of and gut kicks Islamu in the stomach, and gets in a vicious gut wrench powerbomb, 1-2-and a kick out. He locks in a headlock 7 Mins worth of selling. Islamu kicks out and arm drags him as CK gets up quickly and gets into another arm drag, the second time it's reversed and Islamu gets up quickly and into another and another and another until Islamu gets in a superkick. 1-2-Thre and CK kicks out and kicks up and the crowd goes ballistic for the stalemate. They circle the ring when they lock up again and CK is tossed out of the ring, and Islamu goes for a Undertaker suicide dive but instead lands in a Styles Clash predicament but is picked up and is powerbombed onto the mat's outside. The ref gets to an 8 count for the match to resume. Kaizer wrenches in a leg lock that lasts for 10 mins before Islamu gets to the ropes while CK is arguing with the ref Islamu goes for his "Eye of the Fire" where he goes for a standing 420 shooting star press, but is caught in a wicked boot. 1-2-Thre and HE KICKS OUT! The camera zooms on CK's sweaty and red face as he sits in disbelief. Kaizer signifies the end, and gets in a gut kick and has his head under his balls. But it's reversed and CK is slammed hard on his head. 1-2-Thre and HE KICKS OUT! Islamu goes to the top and is trying Eye of the tiger again, this time he jumps and out of no where he gets a superkick and quickly gets in a piledriver, 1-2-3!

    Here's your winner.......Chris.....KAAAAAAAAAAIIIZER!

    Roadster walks out and has a trophy and hands it to Chris Kaizer, who is breathing and sweating heavily, it's the ICW Japan Tour Trophy. Also Haruto Islamu stands up and offers a handshake, @Bill Clinton does he want to accept?

  2. Chris Kaizer shakes Haruto Islamu's hand....before pulling him into a DDT. Kaizer grabs the ICW Japaan Tour Trophy and taunts Hartuo and the crowd
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  3. Here's your winner, and the FIIIIRRST ICW Japan Tour Champion....CHRIS KAAAAAAAAAIIZER!