ICW House Show: Kaz Miller vs Awful News Adam

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  1. House Show Rules: This does not affect your record, this is like a dark match.

    Announcer: Introducing first weighing in at 257 pounds at the height of 6'7, from Manchester, England....Awful...News..AAAAADDDDAAAM!

    Announcer: Introducing second weighing in at 187 pounds at the height of 6'0, from Japan.....Kaz....MIIILLLLEER!
    He walks down taging peoples hands with lazer's shooting everywhere

    The match starts with ANA giving some bad news, when all of a sudden Kaz attacks, he whips him into the turnbuckle and runs at him with an enzigure. ANA stays on the ground as Kaz locks in a cross-face which ANA escapes. Kaz goes for a suicide dive but ANA side steps leading to Kaz crashing into the barricade. ANA picks up Kaz in a bear-hug style and rams his back into the edge of the ring. the ref gets to a count of 7 when they both get back into the ring with ANA dominating Kaz. ANA gets in a black-hole slam! 1-2...NO! Kaz kicks out as ANA starts arguing with the ref, Kaz gets behind him and executes a German suplex. ANA rolls out of the ring, when Kaz goes for a over the top rope dive but get's caught in an Oklahoma slam and is slammed through the nearby production table. ANA rolls in Kaz for a pin, but the fighting spirit of Kaz keeps him alive, Kaz kicks ANA in the head prompting to a vicious running lariat, dubbed the Kaz Killer. 1-2-3! Kaz won his un-televised ICW Debut!

    Announcer: Here's your winner.....Kaz...MIIIIIILLLLLLLERR!

    @Shadow and @Real Rock N Rolla

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