ICW House Show: Lord Lee vs Aiko Akemi

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  1. *Live from Japan*

    Introducing First From Sully, Wales....Weighing in at 250 Pounds at the height of 6'4....Lord....Lee...TUUUUUUUUUDOOOR!

    *He Walks out at 33 seconds of the song as the crowd boo's extensively and he carries his EU and WHC title's down to the ring*

    Introducing Second from, Tokyo, Japan....Weighing in at 156 Ounds at the height of 5'9....Akio...Akemi!
    *The crowd goes crazy and Miller chants break out*

    The match starts with a promo from Lord Lee talking about his tag match, They lock up and AA (Aiko Akemi) gets in a shoulder lock and wrenches it in as Lee screams in pain, AA goes for a spring board arm wrench, but when he jumps on top of the ropes he is pulled down by Lee, Lee goes for a pin, 1-2 and AA gets his shoulder up. Lee locks in a head lock, the hold goes on for 3 Minutes before a fan jumped into the ring resulting into Lee tackling him and choking him out. The second Lee turned around he was met with a Trouble in Paradise looking kick, 1-2 and he kicks out. Lee stands up and bends behind the ropes for protection. The ref backs AA away, as Lee goes for a cheap shot. He punches him from the back, Lee goes for a slingshot into the corner, AA jumps on top of the ropes instead and goes for a moonsault but is caught in a tombstone predicament and is planted down, his head hit the mat hard, a replay is shown and it shows AA was spiked with all of Lee's force. The match stops at 15:21 resulting in a no contest as AA is stretchered off. Lee looks angry and follows the gurney to the back, the cameras back off of the frenzy to show the next match on the card.

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  2. WAIT WHO IT THE Commissioner!

    And he has a Ref T-Shit

    And he a mic


    Emperor Gohan get into the ring!​