ICW Lightweight Title [VOTE]

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Who Deserves The ICW Lightweight Belt?

Poll closed Mar 29, 2014.
  1. Plasma Snake (Big Boss)

  2. Chris Kaizer (Bil Clinton)

  3. Tyler Freeborn (sXe ToTo)

  4. Kaz Miller (Shadow)

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  1. RULES
    1. Voting For Yourself will violate our Wellness Policy (Rules)
    2. The winner will be handed the belt and will face the runner up at Wrestling Challenge this May.
    3. There is only 4 members of the Lightweight division.

    Plasma Snake: 0-1-0
    Kaizer: 1-0-0
    Tyler Freeborn: 0-1-0
    Kaz Miller: 0-0-0 (1-0-0)


    @Big Boss @Bill Clinton @sXe ToTo @Shadow please post why you deserve the belt below.

  2. It depend who is a Lightweight in the ICW?
  3. Who ever is 225 or less or 226 or less
  4. but are going for it? or going for the world title?
  5. Who ever wins will get the title, they can do 2 matches.
  6. Well....I am the only person with a winning record. Nuff said.
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  7. I thought Farooq and I were going after the tag titles?
  8. You are, but i figured we have enough people for a lightweight title feud, i could've told you that if i could PM you.
  9. Don't we have an old PM you can post in?
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  11. Haha, i'll just mark it for spam.
  12. Yeah i found it, sorry. I was going to ask you if you'd like to join the ICW Committee. Plus do you have mod powers in this section?
  13. It's alright, no need to apologize. PM me and we can talk about the committee. Yup, I have powers in every section. Why do you ask?
  14. Just wanted to make sure, and the Committee is a group PM with Clinton, Ovalhead, Dazzle, Big Boss and Me.
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