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    Effective immediately on Monday April 7th, 2014 Internet Championship Wrestling will be changing it's House Show match format from summary to actual competition. The same is yet to happen to Inferno and PPV's/Events. Why? Well on behalf of the ICW Committee the traffic of posts here is drying up and competition is needed to not only boost ICW but to add more fun to the ICW community. We see this as the best way to grow ICW to greater and bigger heights with already great view numbers in our "TV" show Inferno.

    With this, House Show's will be more frequent than ever. With at least one, once a week. This won't be demanding considering the rules we put in place which will be revealed on Monday April 7th. Hopefully this can boost the level of fun here. We are still unsure of when exactly this will be added to Inferno but it won't be anytime in the coming months. This may vary as we are experimenting with what this will bring us. Match types are yet to be revealed and they will be revealed come April 7th.

    A confirmed ICW Event that will be including this new rule will be ICW World Tour. This won't interfere with IWT as most of our schedule works around IWT but we still do hope we can get as big as IWT with a 30 man roster, big creative groups and titles that mean something.

    Thank You.