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    ICW United States Heavyweight Title (Upper Mid Card)

    ICW Intercontinental Heavyweight Title (Mid Card)

    ICW Tag Team Titles (Tag Team)

    ICW Lightweight Title (Competitors Less Than 226 lb)
    World Title: Vacant
    US Title: Awful News Adam (@Real Rock N Rolla

    IC Title: Josh Nichol's (@CM Punk)
    Tag Title: The Alliance (Kaz Miler and Plasma Snake)
    Lightweight Title: Alexander Tyler (@The ReagMaster)
    Event: ICW Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame (March 7th 2015)
    EVENT: ICW WrestleCade (March 13th 2015)
    EVENT: ICW Caution (April 5th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW Wrestling Challenge I (May 10th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW Bash at Jersey (June 7th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW Heat Wave (July 12th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW World Tour (August 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th)
    EVENT: ICW Unforgiven (September 20th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW Halloween Fest (October 18th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW War World (November 8th 2014)
    EVENT: ICW Countdown (December 31st 2014)
    TV Show: Once every other week a show will take place.

    Plasma Snake (@Big Boss)
    Eduardo (@Ed!)
    Emperor Gohan (@Emperor Lelouch Britannia)
    B.Dazzle (@B.Dazzle)
    Lord Lee (@Lord Ovalhead)
    Awful News Adam (@Real Rock N Rolla)
    Gav the Chav (@gav the chav)
    Kaz Miller (@Shadoxicity)
    Alexander Tyler (@The ReagMaster)
    Fish Boy (@nationalhala)
    Mr.Wonderful (@That Kid)
    Nick (@Nickelodeon)
    Josh Nichols (@CM Punk)
    Ethan Drake (@NeoPHX)
    Destruction Dean (@MinusMinun)
    Ryan Salone (@Dojo)
    Jeremy Marshawn (@GoldbergFan1)
    Hulk Hogan (@F.R.I.E)

    Chris Kaizer
    Tyler Freeborm
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  2. Full Event Schedule added, new logo and update to Wrestling Challenge date.
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  3. What is the tag division like?
  4. 2 tag teams
  5. Interesting, so we will see the many battles between team A & Team B?