ICW Sunday Inferno! 3/16/14

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    *Major Pyro Show*

    "Welcome ladies and gentleman Roadster here with my broadcast colleague, Carl Penisoo. We have a great show packed for you ladies and gentlemen live from Madison Square Garden here in New York with over 18,000 Strong here to watch true pro wrestling. Now let's straight to it!"

    Announcer: "Ladies and gentleman the following contest will determine the #1 contender for the TV Championship!

    Introducing first, from New Orleans Louisiana, Weighing in at 225 pounds, at the height of 6'4.....Chris....KAAIIZER!

    "He slowly walks down the ramp."

    Introducing Second, from Buenos Aires, Argentina , weighing in at 216 Pounds at the height of 6'1.....Tyler..FREEEEEBORN!

    The match starts with Kaizer taking down Tyler, a ground and pound has started with Kaizer pounding down Tyler. Tyler reverses and gains ground and puts him in a headlock and whips Kaizer in the corner, Ref counts 1-2-3-4 and Tyler lets go at 4. Kaizer reverses and back drops him down hard. Kaizer goes for a pin, 1-2... and Tyler kicks out. Chris lifts Tyler up by the hair and does a DDT and goes for a pin, 1-2..and Tyler kicks out, Tyler reverses and Irish whip and goes for a Sunset Flip. 1-2... and Kaizer kicks out! Tyler is going for it...Roundhose Kick! 1-2-Thr- and Kiazer puts his leg on the bottom rope. Tyler gets up and starts arguing with the ref over a slow count and....Tyler turns around and a gut kick leads to a Piledriver, 1-2-3! *DING DING DING*

    Here's your winner at 25:17....Chris....KAAIIZER!

    Roadster: A great match but now it's time to crown our NEW TV champ!

    The following bout is scheduled for ONE fall..and it's for the I..C..W Television Championship!

    Introducing first, from Detroit Michigan! Weighing in at 230 pounds, at the height of 6'3.....Ed-Uardooo!

    *He walks down slowly*

    Introducing second from Greenville, South Carolina, weighing in at 260 pounds! At the height of 6'4...."Mr.Sandman....Brandon...CAAAAAGE!

    Cage attacks first with straight up punches, he connects busting Ed's mouth! Ed goes for the role up, 1-2 kick out, Cage runs at Ed, and Ed reverses with a swift arm drag and arm lock combo! The submission continues for a while until Cage punches Ed to get free. Ed goes in and big boots Cage with a nasty thud. Cage's nose is bleeding horrendously. They get into a waist lock, Ed! wrenches the lock harder onto Cage, Cage flips Ed! over and runs at him, he does a crossbody. 1-2-Thre- and Ed kicks out! They back up until, Ed! does a few gut kicks and MICHINOKU DRIVER! 1-2-Thre- and Cage kicks out! This is awesome chants break out! Ed! looks frustrated and goes for a running move but it's reversed and Cage gets a tilt-a-whirl slam on Ed. Both men are down, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and Cage gets up first. Cage picks up Ed, and out of no where he connects with an Enzigure! 1-2-Thre-! The crowd goes crazy. Ed goes up the top rope but Cage catches up after a brawl on top of the ropes, Cage gets the upper hand and....BAM! He connects with the Good Night of the top rope and through the ring! Unknowingly Cage has his arm over Ed in the hole in the ring, 1-2-3! Cage wins! *DING DING DING*

    Here's your winner and NEW ICW TV Champion....Brandon..CAAAAAAGE!

    *A Vignette hyping tickets and other things for Wrestling Challenge this May*

    *The commissioner is in the ring, "Ladies and gentleman, i'd like to show you the US title belt, *Reveals belt* The winner of this belt will be Gav the Chav! Don't CROSS THE BOSS*

    And now for your SEMI-Main Event of the evening, the following bout is for the US Title!

    Introducing first, Gav the Chav!

    Introducing second, weighing in at 252 Pounds at the height of 6'7, from Manchester England....Awful News....AAAADDDDAAAM!

    The match starts with a fast exchange between Gav and ANA, The fight spills outside! They brawl outside until Emporer Gohan comes down to the ring! He distracts the ref when ANA hits gav with the belt, he throws in him.and hits him with the Awful News Hammer. 1-2-3! *DING DING DING* ANA an Gohan shake hands, the Corporate Team has emerged!
    And now the event you've all been waiting for...The match to crown the I..C..W World Heavyweight Championship. LLLEEEETTTTT'S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMBLE!

    Introducing first Weighing in at 197 pounds at the height of 5'11.... Plasma...SNAAAKE

    Introducing Second From Sully, Wales. at the height of 6'4 and weighing in at 250lbs...LOORD LEEEEE!

    Snake and Lee stare eachother down with the crowd going crazy! Lee gets the first strike and continues to pummel Snake, Snake gets him in a chin lock but lets go, Lee whips Snake into the tunrbuckle and runs at him but gets an upper cut to the face, Lee is bleeding. Snake goes in a puts and cinches it in, Lee is about to tap before he steps up and repeatedly slams his elbows in his face. Snake lets go and Lee goes in for a VERY powerful clothesline. 1-2 and Snake kicks out at 2, Lee goes up top and is waiting for Snake to get up, Snake stands up and Lee goes for a diving spear but it gets reversed to a DDT! 1-2-Thre- and Lee kicks out! Lee stands up and puts his leg against the bottom rope and stands on his leg. Snake screams in pain but he grabs Lee's leg and trips him and puts on the STF! Lee makes it to the bottom rope. Lee climbs out for safety. Snake bends out to grab Lee and BAM! Super kick out of no where! Lee climbs in 1-2-Thre-! And Snake kicks out. Lee pretends to push back and knocks out the referee. Lee walks outside to pick up his EU Belt. Snake comes up behind him and does his signature Back suplex with a sick thud. Snake gets the belt and throws it away. Snake panders to the crowd when all of a sudden, Lee hits a low blow on Snake and places him on the announcers table, and goes to the top rope. The ref still unconscious can't count, Lee points at the world belt and goes for a 450 Splash! Holy Shit! Chants break out! after bout 3 minutes outside Lee and Snake enter the ring. Snake goes and for the CQC. but Lee escapes. Out comes Gohan who grabs a chair and sits outside watching. Lee goes up and puts on a headlock. Snake who was about done revives with the support of the fans! Snake elbows Lee in the gut and hits a Justice Call! 1-2-Thre! The ref gets pulled out of the ring by Gohan. The camera gets a close up of Snakes face. Snake chases Gohan around the ring when...BAM! Lee used his EU belt to smack Snake in the face while Snake was chasing Gohan. Out comes ANA! Awful News Hammer gets hit, Gohan hits a stunner. and Lee pins him while Gohan and ANA throw the ref back in the ring, 1-2-3! *DING DING DING*

    Here's your winner and the FIRST ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Lord Lee!

    Lee shakes hands with ANA and Gohan and they raise hands signifying the new Corporate Team, as the show ends.

    tagging all competitors, @Lord Ovalhead @Bill Clinton @Real Rock N Rolla @sXe ToTo @Ed! @B.Dazzle @Big Boss @gav the chav
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  2. UPDATED and Sticking this for today.
  3. Finsihed.
  4. I was screwed :why:
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  5. 450 splashes through announce tables, how's that for a generic rich man biotch?
  6. I HAVE FOUND MY CHAMPION! MY "Corporate Champion"! Lord Lee!
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  7. Wait why am I teaming with Gohan? Wtf?
  8. With Lord Lee, Gohan is going to be your manger, your in a tag match with Lee on the next show.
  9. W
    Why? I didn't even make any promos or anything
  10. Because you have the upper midcard title and Lee has the main event, your both heels and we need a stable, might as well. If you don't like it we can disband you after a while but for the time being i already have a story for you guys.
  11. Nah its fine I was just curious.
  12. Alright, and if you want you can cut a promo on Plasma Snake and his partner...
  13. OCC: Dude I the Commissioner! Are team is Power Tries! Lord Lee "Corporate Champion"! dude u need read threads made thread about this.