ICW Sunday Inferno 3/30/14

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    OOC: Mania is tomorrow so we couldn't do it in SUNDAY

    Crazy pyro show driving the crowd crazy as the lights come back on

    Roadster: Welcome! to ICW Sunday Inferno. live in front of 15,786 in the Barclay Arena! Roadster here with my broadcast colleague Horace Tekinwayway for an ACTION packed ICW Inferno where we will crown our first ICW Tag champs. We will see the debut of Alexander Tyler, Fish Boy Jeremy Marshawn and Mr.Wonderful a man known for Federation X.

    Horace: You know you got a talented roster here when you have guys like Kaz Miller, Plasma Snake and OUR, MINE, YOUR ICW World Champion running around. We all know we have 2 great matches set for Caution next saturday but what do you think will happen in that time span?

    Roadster: I don't know and how about we figure out! Let's get to the first match!

    Announcer: The following contest will determine who will be inserted in the Chris Kaizer and Tyler Freeborn match at ICW Caution.

    Announcer: Introducing first from New York City...Weighing in at 210 pounds...at the height of 5'7....Alexander "Thunder" Tyler!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Tokyo, Japan....weighing in at 155 pounds at the height of 5'5...Fish..Boy!
    Who is already in the ring, making a jobber entrance.

    The match starts with Alex and Boy teeing up and going to the ground for a good brawl, Boy get's out and get's in a sick DDT. He goes for a quick Sinking Ship but Alex moves away. Boy is on the ground in pain as Alex sits in the corner...SPEAR! 1-2-3, DING DING DING!

    Here's your winner...Alexander "Thunder" Tyler!

    Promotion for ICW Wrestling Challenge this May.

    Commissioner Gohan walks out in a suit and tie and picks up a mic.
    Ladies and Gentleman my corporate champions Awful News Adam and Lord Lee Tudor are not only the US and World title holders but by the end of this show...the tag team champions. They have the skill, the look and....I'M BACKING THEM! I will make sure they never loose there belts. Because at ICW Caution.....In the Lord Lee vs Plasma Snake match...I'M THE SPECIAL REFEREE! *Marks go all D'B Burial on the announcement*

    Roadster: What! That will be a match for the ages. Lee and Snake with Gohan the referee!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall.

    Announcer: Introducing first from Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at 266 pounds..at the height of 6'4...Jeremy...MAR..SHAAAAAWN!

    Announcer: Introducing 2nd from Hollywood, Florida! weighing in at 266 pounds....at the height of 6'6...Mr..WOOONDERFUL

    They lock up and JM get's in an arm bar, and get's in good leverage before driving him to the mat and locking in a mid section scissors lock. Wonderful rolls out and grabs his leg before putting his leg in a half-crab and JM flips out and they both stand out with a major ovation. They lock up again and Wonderful slides him down- THE SWING! 1-2-3 and all the way to 40! The crowd goes crazy as Wonderful flexes without a sign of being dizzy. Wonderful get's up JM when he gut kicks and a Oklahoma slam. JM sat in the corner waiting for him to get. Wonderful side steps and JM slams into the corner. Wonderful takes him up to the top and goes for the Wonderful Ending but it's reversed and Wonderful slams on his back. JM sits crouched on the top rope looking dazed. Wonderful stands up and- SPEAR! 1-2-Thre! and He kicked out! Wonderful rolls out and JM goes out after him when Wonderful runs at him with a sick boot. Wonderful puts JM on the table and Wonderful hops on as well and puts in a neck breaker and RUDE AWAKING! The crowd goes crazy. Roadster wakes them up while calling for paramedics to add some heat but they get up and roll into the ring. JM gets a superkick and sits in the corner! Spear! and waits for him to get up and Wonderful is lifted up but bends over and a face plant. JM and Wonderful are on the top rope and Wonderful Ending! 1-2-3! DING DING DING
    Announcer: Here's your winner...Mr...Wonderful!

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first from Greenvile, South Carolina, weighing in at 250 Pounds at the height of 6'4.....The ICW TV Champion...."Mr.Sandman"...Brandon...CAAAAAAGE!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Beunos Aries Argentina weighing in at 210 pounds at the height of 6'1.....Tyler...FREEEBORN!

    They tie and Cage get's in a few upper cuts and knocks out Tyler's front two teeth prompting to a blood waterfall coming from Tyler's mouth. They go to the ground and brawl and Tyler get's the upper hand and get's in an irish whip and get's an inverted sit down power slam, dubbed the Free Eagle. 1-2-Thre and Cage kicks out who locks in a small headlock that get's tighter and tighter. Tyler get's a back drop. 1-2-Thre and Cage get's out again. Tyler waits for Cage to get up and ROUNDHOUSE KICK! That busted his nose. 1-2-Thre- he get's his foot on the rope. Tyler looks frustrated and starts arguing with the ref the same way he lost last time. He turns around and get's a vicious running boot. He lifts Tyler up and throws him outside and runs at him but is met with a swinging jawbreaker! He set's Cage atop the announcer's desk and goes to the top rope with blood all over his chest and face and screams, "This is why I deserve the Lightweight belt." and he jumps off and does a frog splash but Tyler moves out of the way. Holy Shit and This is Awesome chants break out in the 9 seconds they were out there. Cage grabs Tyler and throws him into the ring and goes for the Good Night and 1-2-3 He kicked out at 3! and the crowd goes Ape shit! Cage looks furious and takes Tyler to the top of the ropes and locks in the Good Night predicament! and Tyler slips out and get's his underhook DDT in and OFF THE TOP ROPE! 1-2-3! DING DING DING Tyler stands up and the crowd goes Monkey shit for this great contest.
    Roadster: Oh my god! Did you see that? That was one of the best matches we've seen ever! Congratulations to Tyler!

    Horace: But if you want to see the exact same feeling but in EVERY single match take a look at ICW Caution, April 5th at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, Illinois.

    Roadster: You bet that's going to be a blast.

    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

    Announcer: Introducing first, from New Orleans,
    Louisiana! Weighing in at 225 pounds at the height of 6'4....Chris....KAAAAIZER!

    Announcer: Introducing second from-
    Roadster stands up

    Roadster: Sorry ladies and gentleman, Eduardo had canceled his arrival to this event and couldn't make it, as for Chris Kaizer...You win by Forfeit, and let this be a warning to people who no show will have severe consequences!

    In the sudden science of the announcement you hear-

    Can i have some decorum PLEASE! I'm afraid I've got some AWFUL NEWS! @Dolph'sZiggler won't sign with ICW because of fat asses like you here in..Brooklyn New York. When people don't see there favorites they get fat, when people get fat they get lazy, when they get lazy they drop in performance at there job. When you drop in performance you get fired which leads to depression......suicide and an early death. Thank You!

    Roadster: WOW! Awful News Adam and Lord Lee face Kaz Miller and Plasma Snake in a match for the ICW tag titles later this evening but we have a special something for you ladies and gentleman

    ICW Encyclopedia release is hyped

    Announcer: And now for your MAAAAIN EVENT of the evening! The match you've all been waiting for! The following contest is for the ICW Tag Team Championship....ARE YOU READY TO RUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMBBBBLE!!!

    Announcer: Introducing first at a combined weight of 502 pounds....led to the ring by Commissioner Gohan....Awful News Adam and Lord Lee Tudor....The Pooooower Trip!

    Announcer: Introducing second at a combine weight of 381 pounds....Kaz Miller and PLASMA SNAAAAKE!

    The two teams discuss for a while as Kaz and Adam are the first ones in, they also battle in a ladder match for the US title at Caution. They tie up and Kaz breaks it with a thrust and get's a leg sweep and cinches in a lock hold on his leg. Adam get's the rope and the hold is broken. Adam crawls to the corner and Kaz runs in after him to a swinging dropkick and gets in a 2 count. Kaz goes to the top for an open armed cross body resulting in Adam flipping over and getting in a fallaway slam for a 2 count. Kaz screams in pain as he picked up by the hair and whipped into the corner with a thud as Adam tags Lee in for a double stomp into the chest of Kaz, Kaz is locked into a crossface by Lee, as Kaz tries to get to the rope Snake starts building the hot tag. Kaz get's dragged back but Kaz flips bakc get's a shining wizard looking move in staggering Lee and get's a german suplex as he stumbled backwards, the old fashioned race to the partner begins. Lee tags in Adam as Kaz tags in Snake. Snake goes ape shit on there ass. Going back and forth when he hits a Justice Call! 1-2-Thre- but the ref get's pulled out of the ring by Gohan! Adam turns the tables on Snake as Lee attacks Kaz.
    Roadster: I'm done with this
    Horace: What are you doing?!

    Roadster stands up puts his head set down goes over behind Gohan taps his shoulder the second her turns around, BAM! a brutal sneak punch knocks out Gohan. Which distracts Adam who starts yelling at Roadster
    Horace: What is this son of a bitch doing! God damn this man!
    Plasma Snake goes off the rope in a tag in combo and hit's the justice call which keeps Adam down for a while as Kaz get's the Kaz Killer when he stands up, as Kaz get's the count Snake get's a justice call on Lee who tries the save. 1-2-3!!!!

    Announcer: Here your winners....and new ICW Tag Team Champions!....Plasma Snake and KAAAZ MILLLER!!
    Roadster walks over and raises his there hands with the tag belts in hand as the crowd goes crazy, They shake hands signifying there alliance against The Corporate Team. They get dubbed The Alliance! as the show closes out!

    Tagging all competitors @Bill Clinton @Lord Ovalhead @Emperor Lelouch Britannia @Real Rock N Rolla @Shadow @GoldbergFan1 @sXe ToTo @nationalhala @Ed! @B.Dazzle @Big Boss

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  3. it EMPEROR GOHAN! i were mind emperor crown and emperor rode no suit and tie for me. with teen gohan fighting gear. and teen gohan theme song dude.
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  5. Actually, your name is Commissioner Gohan and Emperor Gohan because your a commissioner not an emperor but your ring name says your Emperor.
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  10. i.....i......i....won a match?.......THANK YOU ROADSTER!