ICW Sunday Inferno 4/18/14

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    Live from the The Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, ICW presents to you ICW Sunday Inferno: Open Fight Night!*

    *Huge pyro goes off and the fans are on their feet. Marilyn Manson's "'The Beautiful People" plays in the background as the camera catches view of the crowd and the arena.*

    Roadster: Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Roadster here and, as usual, I'm here with my broadcast colleague Horace Tekinwayway! Over 10,000 plus are here and are excited for the big show we have tonight.

    Horace: Tonight's show is going to be absolutely amazing! Right now, we have three men backstage waiting eagerly to find out who in the heck they'll be facing tonight.

    Roadster: Don't forget that tonight we will also see Plasma Snake take on Awful News Adam in what should be a great one.

    Horace: I can't wait to get this started and what better way to get it started then with a ICW Lightweight title match!


    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ICW Lightweight Championship!


    Announcer: Introducing first from New York, USA, weighing in at 210 pounds, and at the height of 5'7....Alexander "Thunder" TYLLLER!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Buenos Aires, Argentina! weighing in at 216 pounds, at the height of 6'1...the ICW Lightweight Champion.....Tyler.....FREEEEBORN!

    Both men meet up in the center of the ring and begin exchanging fists. Alex takes the advantage with swift rights to Alex's head, but Freeborn comes back with a kick directly to Alex's knee. ATyler grabs Alex by the head and slams him head first on the mat. Tyler leaps up and drops his knee across the back of Alex's head. Tyler lifts Alex up and throws him to the corner. Tyler charges full speed but runs straight into Alex's boot. Freeborn staggers back as Alex sits up on the top rope. He stands up on the middle ropes, leaps off, and connects with a drop kick to the chest of Freeborn! Alex picks Freeborn up and gets behind him. He lifts him up, spins him and turns him upside down, and then plants him with an Omega Driver! Alex goes for the win! 1...2.., Freeborn kicks out! Freeborn rolls out of the ring and begins to regain his bearings. Freeborn gets up and turns towards the ring......to see Alex launch himself through the middle rope. Alex wraps his arm around Freeborn's neck, spins, and goes to plant him with a tornado DDT, but Freeborn hangs on to the bottom rope. Alex goes crashing down to the concrete floor. Freeborn picks Alex up and throws him back in the ring. Tyler rolls in the ring and waits for Alex to get up. Alex begins to stir. He's up a little and is about to get to a vertical base when Tyler charges in with a running knee trembler to the temple! Tyler goes for the cover! 1...2...3. *DING DING DING!*

    Here's your winner and STIILLL ICW Lightweight Champion.....Tyler Freeborn!


    Announcer: The following contest is an open challenge and it is for the ICW Television Championship!


    Announcer: Introducing first from Greenville, South Carolina, weighing in at 260 pounds, at the height of 6'4..the ICW T.V Champion....."Mr. Sandman" Brandon CAAAAAAAGGE!

    Announcer: Introducing second from New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 225 pounds, at the height of 6'4....Chris Kaizer!

    Cage comes out of the gate early and connects with a running big boot! He picks Kaizer up and knees him in the stomach multiple times. He rushes Kaizer in the corner and begins unloading on his chests with chops and slaps. Cage grabs Kaizer by the arm and pulls him in closer, knocking him down with a big clothesline. Cage bends over to pick Kaizer up, and Kaizer quickly connects with a straight kick to the head of Brandon Cage. The champ staggers back and leans against the ropes. Kaizer stands to his feet, grabs Cage, and whips him to the ropes. Cage hits the ropes, bounces back, and gets knocked down by a running elbow smash from Kaizer. Kaizer picks Cage up and grabs him from behind. He bends Cage backwards and plants him with an inverted DDT! Kaizer gets the cover on Cage. 1...2.., the champ gets his shoulder up. Kaizer exits the ring to the ring apron and climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Cage gets to his feet and Kaizer leaps off. Kaizer goes for a crossbody........but Cage catches him! Cage spins Kaizer around, sets him on his feet, grabs him from behind, and throws him back with a nasty German suplex! Cage quickly scurries for the cover! 1...2.., Kaizer kicks out! Cage gets up and stands behind Kaizer. He waits as Kaizer begins getting back to his feet. Kaizer gets up and turns towards Cage. Cage goes for a discus lariat but gets caught by a superkick from Kaizer! Cage stumbles back before falling on one knee. Kaizer tucks Cage's head between his legs, hooks his arms, and plants him with a pedigree! Kaizer goes for the win. 1...2.., Cage manages to get his shoulder up. Kaizer can't believe it. Kaizer lifts Cage to his feet and goes to pick him up for a brainbuster. Cage tries to fight back, but Kaizer eventually gets him up. Cage quickly rolls off and lands on his feet behind Kaizer. Brandon grabs Kaizer from around his neck and throws him backwards for a sleeper suplex! The fans let out a sound of worry as Kaizer lands on his head. Cage crawls towards Kaizer and hooks his legs. 1...2.., Kaizer kicks out again! Cage sits up and lets out a scream of frustration. He picks Kaizer up and kicks him in the gut. He tucks Kaizer's head between his legs and goes for the Good Night, but Kaizer counters with a back body drop! Cage sits up and Kaizer connects with a superkick to the back of his head. Kaizer lifts Cage up and drags him to the center of the ring. Kaizer bends Cage forward and plants him with a piledriver! Kaizer goes for the pin! 1...2...3! *DING DING DING!*

    Announcer: Here's your winner and NEEWWW ICW T.V Champion.....................Chris Kaizer!

    Roadster: I can't believe it! We have a new ICW T.V Champion! Kaizer has just sent "Mr. Sandman" to sleep!
    Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the ICW US Championship!


    Announcer: Introducing first, from Parts Unknown, weighing in at 197 pounds...at the height of 5'11....Plasma....SNAAAAAAAKE!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Manchester, England, weighing in at 252 pounds at the height of 6'7! The United States Champion.....Awful....News...AAAAAAAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDAAAAAAM!
    The bell to start the match rings and Adam rolls out of the ring. He asks for a mic and begins to speak. "Ladies and Gentleman..........I'm afraid I have some BAD NE......." Snake quickly dives through the middle rope and takes Adam down to the floor. He picks Adam up and throws him head first into the steel ring post. Snake throws Adam in the ring and rolls in himself. Snake jumps on top of Adam and begins hitting him with huge forearms to his head. Snake gets off of Adam and lifts him to his feet. He kicks Adam in the stomach, shoots him up with a kick across the face, and then knocks him down with a dropkick. Adam quickly gets to his feet and stumbles in the corner. Snake charges at full speed and connects with a big knee to the midsection. Adam staggers out of the corner and Snake grabs him from behind. Snake lifts Adam up and drops him with a back suplex across the top turnbuckle. Adam falls to the ground and holds his back in pain. Snake drags Adam to the center of the ring and sits on his back. He wraps his hands around his face and wrenches back. Plasma Snake has Adam caught in the camel clutch! Snake wrenches back further and further with as much force as he can, but Adam eventually grabs the ropes. Snake lets go and Adam rolls out to the ring apron. Snake leans through the middle rope to pick him up, but Adam catches him with a thumb to the eye! Snake stumbles back, unable to see clearly. Adam quickly rolls in the ring, stands up, and knocks Snake down with a stiff clothesline. Adam picks Plasma Snake up and grabs his arm. He goes to whip Snake to the ropes, but quickly pulls him back, lifts him up, spins him around, and throws him on the mat with Winds of Change! Adam goes for the cover. 1...2.., Snake kicks out. Adam gets up and pulls down his elbow pad. He begins swinging his arm around and is ready to knock Snake out with his Awful News Hammer! Snake gets to his feet and turns around to see Adam go for the elbow, Snake rolls out of the way and gets to his feet. Adam turns around and Snake takes him down with a hurricanrana! Adam rolls out of the ring and tries to catch his breath, but Snake is too pugnacious! He rolls out of the ring and takes Adam down to the floor. He picks Adam up and throws him back in the ring! Snake gets up to the ring apron, but he can't get in the ring! Something is holding him down on the ring apron! The ref doesn't notice what's happening, but is telling Snake to get in the ring. Snake is so distracted with what's going on, he doesn't notice Adam stand back up. Snake finally manages to away from whatever what was holding him down, but it's too late! Adam blasts him across the head with his Awful News Hammer Elbow! Snake falls lifelessly on the ring apron and Adam rolls him in the ring! Adam goes for the pin! 1....2...3! *DING DING DING!*

    Announcer: Here's your winner and still ICW US Champion.........Awful News ADDAAM!

    Roadster: Something doesn't seem right about this!

    *Adam grabs his title belt and rolls out of the ring. He stands outside of the ring when somebody rolls out from under the ring. It's Commishoner Gohan! Both men slap five and walk to the back. The fans are pissed! Snake sits up in the ring and realizes what has happened. He's been screwed!*
    Roadster: I should of known! The Corporation has screwed Plasma Snake again!


    Announcer: The following is scheduled for one fall and it is a Gohan open challenge match!

    Announcer: Introducing first from Japan, weighing in at 187 pounds at the height of 6'0.....He is one half of the ICW Tag Team Champions....Kaz Miller!!!

    Announcer: Introducing second from Chicago, Illinois! Weighing in at 266 pounds..at the height of 6'4...Jeremy...MAR..SHAAAAAWN!

    Marshawn quickly charges in at full speed and goes for a spear, but Kaz rolls out of the way! Marshawn turns around towards Kaz, and nearly gets his head taken off by a vicious running lariat! Kaz goes for the pin! 1...2...3! *DING DING DING!*

    Announcer: Here is your winner............Kaz Miller!

    Announcer: The following open fight challenge is your main event of the evening and it is for the I...C...W World Heavyweight Championship!

    Announcer: Introducing first from Sully, Wales...weighing in at 250 pounds at the height of 6'4...The ICW World Heavyweight champion...Lord LEEEEEEE!

    Lee: So, i'm here waiting to see my OFN opponent? Well like i said before Kaz and Snake are my 2 biggest targets and let's see where they are right now!

    The camera cuts to a feed of Gohan and Adam beating down Snake and Kaz, both bleeding horrendously as Gohan gives a stunner to Snake and Adam hits the Awful News Hammer on Kaz. The feed cuts back the Lee who is standing on the ramp with his belt held above his head as the show closes out.

    *"Championship" closing sequence

    Tagging all Competitors! @God Ovalhead Fan For Life @Shadow @12345 @B.Dazzle @Bill Clinton @sXe ToTo @The ReagMaster

    I couldn't put in most the music.
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