ICW Sunday Inferno Press Conference

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  1. *After the intro the camera cuts to a room with Roadster sitting at the front of a conference hall with a lot of media attention*

    Roadster: "Welcome ladies and on behalf of Internet Championship Wrestling and Sunday Inferno, it's me here Roadster. I'm the founder and CEO of ICW and sitting beside me is the appointed commissioner Emperor Gohan. Tomorrow night we will have the greatest spectacle of ICW History, every singles title on the line. And that's what we're here for ICW Sunday Inferno our NEW sporadic TV Show. Here's a look at what ICW Sunday Inferno will look like...

    "Thank you ladies and gentleman, now we what do we have booked for you this sunday is the best card in pro wrestling none the less, We'll kick the night off with Tyler Freeborn taking on IWT Legend....Chris Kaizer! *Claps* This match will determine the Number one contender for the winner of the next bouts championship. "The Sandman" will go one on one with Eduardo for the the TV title! The semi-main event will showcase Gav the chav and Awful News Adam in a bout for the US Heavyweight Title! This will ultimately lead to your main event of the evening, Lord Lee will face Plasma Snake for out ICW World Heavyweight Title! *Claps*

    And now for our final message from our competitors. OOC: @Real Rock N Rolla @gav the chav @B.Dazzle @Ed! @sXe ToTo @Lord Ovalhead and @Big Boss please make promos on your competitors in a separate thread. same for @Bill Clinton