Promo ICW WC Round 1: Alexander Tyler vs Josh Nichols

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Who Won?

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  1. Josh Nichols

  2. Alexander Tyler

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    The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is the 1st round Wrestling Challenge tournament! introducing first Alexander Tyler! (@The ReagMaster)
    AND Introducing second Josh Nichols! (@CM Punk)

    The rules are as followed:
    1) NO OOC OR in character posts until promos are finished (Open to Author)
    2) If you are caught cheating you WILL be suspended, time may vary
    3) All promo's MUST comprehend with ICW Contractual rules
    4) No Video's or Pictures aside from tron entrances

    1) There is a 24 hour limit in between promos, if a promo is not posted in those 24 hours, it will be a forfeit victory.
    2) Voting will then last for 24 HOURS
    3) For a this match there is a 2 promo limit
  2. *The Arena is fully black for a couple of seconds then the Pyro shoots out in the middle of the Stage and The Lights come on and Tyler throws a air punch then the Music starts*

    (Starts at 0:03) *Tyler Runs down the Ramp and slides into the Ring and taunts and shouts "LET'S GO!"*
    Thunder:.....hello....IWT Universe....Kaz Miller......Emperor Gohan.....Josh name is Alexander "Thunder" Tyler i am finally given a Chance to Prove Myself and this is what i get....a guy who was on T.V a Couple of years ago....and is Famous for a Weird Twitch....
    *People in the Crowd start to Twitch as Alexander Chuckles*
    Thunder: it's funny Josh.....your looks like looks like you have been Struck by Lightning?.....the Twitch looked like you have been Struck by a Lightning Bolt.....or maybe i'm thinking about that because that is what going to happen in this match....i will go over to one of these Corners
    *Tyler Points at Each Turnbuckle*
    Thunder: or off one of the Ropes
    *Tyler slowly walks over to each of the Ropes and Leans against it*
    Tyler: but whatever Position i chose,i will run Towards you and hit your Doom the Lightning Bolt and you will fall down the Ground and i will Pin 1...2...3 then i will be one step close to Becoming World Champion! then all of you shall feel the WRATH of The LIGHTNING BOLT!
  3. Josh Nichols theme hits as he comes out wearing a paperbag over his head.

    The crowd starts twitching as he makes his way down the ring.
    As Josh walks down, he starts yelling at the crowd to shut up!
    Josh enters the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Josh: Well actually, Tyler, I only twitch when I'm nervous and I'm not nervous anymore. And only 1 out of 6250 people have a chance of getting hit by a lightning bolt and we don't even have a roster of 20 yet. I think I'll survive this match. Also, did you know that lightning might have something to do with the evolution of organisms? Like, two elements could have been merged together after a lightning shock and cre-

    The crowd starts chanting boring
    Josh: Fine! I guess you won't get to hear these fascinating stories! As long as I have this paperbag, nothing can stop me. You know, my brother...

    Josh looks in front of the crowd and sees Drake making out with some chick
    Josh: DRAKE! What are you doing here?! You were supposed to babysit Megan!

    Drake: Don't worry, I told Craig and Eric to look after her.

    Josh: WHY?!

    Drake: So I can watch your debut match.

    Josh: Well mom and dad are going to ki- Wait... you're here to watch my match?

    Drake: Uh huh.

    Josh: Well... thank you, Drake. I appreciate you showing up to my match.

    Drake: No problem. Hey... kick his buttox!

    Josh looks confused, "His buttox?"
    Josh reverts his attention to Tyler.

    Josh: Tyler, you might be lightning. But I know you really aren't and it's just your gimmick. So I will take that and defeat you to win the first round and then the second round and so forth. And after that, lightning will become nothing but lightning with one loss.

    Crowd starts boo'ing for the shitty joke
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  4. *Tyler is almost falling asleep by Josh's Promo*
    Tyler: well....that was something.....and what i mean by something is the Most Boring Promo i have ever Seen.....Lightning might have something with Organisms?....i'm confused on how you know that but i'm not going to this so this is your brother?.....he actually Looks Sucessful...i feel sorry for you.....being holded down by the Twitching Werido....and also having to Watch Your Brothers Dreams being Crushed one more he did when He Twitched a lot where he was Weatherman anyway....Josh do you wanna know why these people are Laughing at you and Twitching? because you are a joke i Mean...
    *Tyler Lifts The Paper Bag over Josh's Head*
    Tyler: like this...this is the most stupidest....why did you even have this on your head,is it your headgear?
    *Tyler chuckles and Throws the Paper Bag at The Crowd*
    Tyler: Pathetic.....let's Tussle?......let's do something you probally have never done in your life.....Lets Wrestle!,Ring the Damn Bell
    *Tyler Leans Against the Ropes*
  5. Josh looks mad and pulls out another paperbag from his pocket.
    Josh: Referee, if he pulls my paperbag again, disqualify him. These cost $0.50 a bag. gosh! Your words don't hurt me, Tyler. Especially because I don't know who you are. And I look stupid? Pfft pff, well you look stupider... you lightning... maggot!

    The crowd looks confused
    Josh: You don't get to decide when the referee rings the bell, the referee does! Referee, ring the bell whenever you please.
  6. Voting Opened
  7. Headaches! Voted.
  8. is this going to Sudden Death?
  9. Your 3-2....Josh Nichols!

    @CM Punk
  10. Josh gets up from the pin and celebrates
    He walks out of the ring and up to Drake

    Josh: HUG ME BROTHA!
  11. *Alexander is on the Ground shocked from The Roll Up Pin*
    Alexander: what just happened?......did the Twitcher just pin me?.....huh.....FUCK THIS COMPANY!
    *Thunder Leaves the Ring and looks at Josh for a Second then Thunder Raises Josh's Arm then he Leaves the Arena*