Promo ICW WC Round 1: Awful News Adam vs Tyler Freeborn

Discussion in 'ICW' started by Roadster, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is the 1st round Wrestling Challenge tournament! introducing first Tyler Freeborn (@sXe ToTo
    AND Introducing second Awful News Adam (@Real Rock N Rolla

    The rules are as followed:
    1) NO OOC OR in character posts until promos are finished (Until further notice)
    2) If you are caught cheating you WILL be suspended, time may vary
    3) All promo's MUST comprehend with ICW Contractual rules
    4) No Video's or Pictures aside from tron entrances

    1) There is a 24 hour limit in between promos, if a promo is not posted in those 24 hours, it will be a forfeit victory.
    2) Voting will then last for 24 HOURS
    3) For a this match there is a 2 promo limit

  2. OOC: Do I actually get any notice for these or no?
  3. OOC: I tagged you in the bracket thread, not my fault you didn't look.
  4. Not my fault I got no alert. tell me the day it got posted.
  5. No tag, how am I supposed to see it?
  6. Well considering it's barley gonna affect you then what does it matter. It's gonna happen 3 times to you this YEAR. Plus i suspect something that says ICW Major Update VERY VERY important you might wanna check it out.

    The tag's may not work, but you have a tendency of not giving a shit. You didn't even know you were still Champion. If you want i'll extend the time. or you can forfeit.
  7. By tendency of me not giving a shit its more, I barely log in here so whatever I do is stuff I feel is pretty important. If I dont get tags or messages or info about whats next from ICW I will forget. if you would like to address this more PM me.
  8. Here's your winner by forfeit....Awful News Adam!
  9. How? Neither one promoed, so it should end in a draw.
  10. sXe PM'd saying he's out.