Promo ICW WC Semi-Finals: Awful News Adam vs Plasma Snake

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is the 1st round Wrestling Challenge tournament! introducing first Plasma Snake (@Big Boss)
    AND Introducing second Awful News Adam (@Real Rock N Rolla)

    The rules are as followed:
    1) NO OOC OR in character posts until promos are finished (Until further notice)
    2) If you are caught cheating you WILL be suspended, time may vary
    3) All promo's MUST comprehend with ICW Contractual rules
    4) No Video's or Pictures aside from tron entrances

    1) There is a 24 hour limit in between promos, if a promo is not posted in those 24 hours, it will be a forfeit victory.
    2) Voting will then last for 24 HOURS
    3) For a this match there is a 2 promo limit

  2. Snake walks out form the crowd with his theme playing. He hops the barricade, with bandages on his stomach showing his injuries from his last match. He goes and gets his microphone and begins to speak, "My next opponent is a former champion, Awful News Adam. He was aligned with Sir Lee, until the champion decided to leave the company, but just like Lee, Adam cheats to win his matches. I have nothing else to say, why should we let a pathetic man like this become champion? We'll be going in a complete circle, and not gain anything from before? Let that sink into all of you when you see this man. A liar, cheater and pathetic competitor. Just like the man he followed before, and I'll be damned if I allow him to walk out the champion."