Idea For Building Ryback/Cena To WWE Payback

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  1. Does anyone like the idea of Cena not showing up on Raw until the last Raw before the PPV? He wasn't on Raw this past week and there's only three more Raws before the PPV, which means he'll only have to miss two more shows if he decides to show up at least once on-screen before defending the title at Payback.

    The feud doesn't really need much build to it. It already has over a month plus a Last Man Standing match to hype it up. They already went and announced the Ambulance Match for the PPV already. Cena missed Raw because he was selling his injury from Ryback at the PPV. Imagine if starting next week, Ryback says that while Cena rests at home until the PPV healing the injuries that Ryback bestowed upon him, he's gonna hurt someone every week and send them off in an ambulance until the time comes to do the same to Cena at Payback, where Cena will be forced into retirement and his "last ride" will be riding off in an ambulance after Ryback destroys him for the WWE Title.

    He attacked Zach Ryder on Raw and threw him in the back of an ambulance. While he didn't exactly "injure" him, he could 'up the ante' starting next week and start slamming chairs on people's backs repeatedly or stomping on a chair that's been folded over someone's ankle, targeting and injuring (or coming close to it) a different superstar every week. This would be Ryback's perverse way of counting down to the match with Cena at Payback. Then Cena either appears on camera for the first time since Extreme Rules on the go-home show to confront Ryback or he appears via satellite to tell Ryback the doctors told him he shouldn't even be wrestling at Payback but he'll be there anyway. Meanwhile, Ryback destroys yet another superstar while Cena watches via satellite and says this will be Cena's fate this Sunday. Cena just stares with a look of nervousness but also determination. It would have more meaning if it was someone important who got destroyed on the last Raw. Maybe JR can appear and confront Ryback and ask him why he's flipped out and had such a change of heart and why he can't control himself. Beating down JR is also a good way to get heat on someone.

    Also, isn't it funny that next week is Bret Hart Appreciation Night? I would say Ryback could make him a victim if I thought he could take a hard bump. Too bad he can't.
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  2. Love it.

    But seriously they will need Cena to attract fans for this new PPV.
  3. I like the idea, but perhaps have it as Cena appearing via satellite on the 2nd to last RAW with a face to face on the last. Face to faces really sell the PPV better.
  4. Well, he did kidnap Heath Slater and put him in an Ambulance on this week's Smackdown tapings so that might be the route they are taking.
  5. ...

    Thanks for spoiling that for everyone. Wonderful.
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  6. Not absolutely. Playing up Cena's injury can build it well enough on it's own, especially with Triple H and (from the sound of it) the McMahons coming on to help pull in viewers as well. There's been times in the past where Cena not being on the show has still resulted in pretty much the same ratings.

    The PPV having a new name doesn't mean anything, most all fans will still just see it as a PPV that's taking palce in June. It's not like there's a new gimmick attacked to the show or anything.
  7. It's a good idea, makes sense for the guy to take some time off. Hope something similar (at least) happens, actually seems quite plausible (or I may be too optimistic because a new underused star I liked debuted in a good way and is working with a part timer and that kinda makes me happy).
  8. Yea some mod you have there. god, no reason to watch SD now. Thanks ASSHOLE flopshot
  9. Looks pretty cool the idea but we don't do the shows...