If Ambrose becomes United States champion...

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  1. Will he have individual feuds and defend it? I'm all for him holding a title - as well as other shield members - but him having the US title and not defending it while the tag-team inevitably will sort of scares me.

    Is him becoming US champion potentially a bad thing?
  2. Not really, I think that's why they have been putting him in singles matches on Smackdown. Getting him prepared for his US reign, and I can see him defending his title a good time amount on that show to try and help it's ratings.
  3. I'm sure Kofi appreciates being a transition-champ :pity2:

    But seriously, the current exposure of The Shield would benefit the U.S championship and having one of the members be in possession one of the companies championships adds legitimacy to The Shield (despite it being the US belt).
  4. Keep him away from the US Belt. Please. If I'm Ambrose I'm scratching, clawing, begging Vince to keep me away from the mid-card.
    It's not him. There's plenty of good things he can do with that belt, but WWE's booking's made me believe that belt only hurts you.
    Still optimistic about a Bryan push and the tag straps aren't hurting that. Give Reigns and Rollins those and have a non-finish DQ brawl here.
    Guess the good booking (albeit bad writing) of the Shield will continue and keep them strong and relevant. Fingers crossed on that.
    But remember the last time we had a faction with 3 belts? It was The Corre. Anyone remember them? Me neither.
  5. Good stuff...

    Give Ambrose the US Title and Rollins and Reigns the tag belts.

    Solidify the dudes in gold.
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  6. No, I don't think it's bad, as long as they don't end up like The Corre, like Rainman said.
  7. I'm not sure. I think he may just use it like Devon uses it, to hold his pants up basically, or maybe he'll defend it. Could see them going either way. Don't think that the belt in itself will cause problems though, since I think the Shield will keep being booked strongly.
  8. Sounds like Mideon in 1999. He resurrected the European title from the trash just so it would keep his pants up.
  9. Depends what those idiots who write for WWE do. I am betting he squashes kofi for two weeks after, then moves onto a feud that is pushed in. Would bet Sheamus/Orton, trying to force credibility.
  10. There's a saying that it is not the belt that makes the talent, but the talent that makes the belt.
  11. :pity2:
  12. Ambrose is GOD. Best thing to happen to WWE for a long time.
  13. I think so, yeah.

    There are quite a few wrestlers actively feuding with The Shield, and many more that can potentially reignite a feud with them without it getting stale. This makes it easy for the 'e to put together title matches and feuds for the US title, as they already have the backstory for so many of them.
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  14. In my personal opinion, Shield should split before they start getting singles titles..
  15. If he wins the belt, and they do it right, it could be good but I can't see the wwe playing it right & just ruining his career. He's better off staying away from the belts till the Shield splits up.
  16. In my opinion the controversy and impact The Shield brings to the WWE as a unit is beneficial. Regardless of what they do as individuals from here on out, the fact of the matter is that people are taking notice of it. Ambrose is able to bring interest to the US title not only as as member of The Shield but also as an individual in the ring. It gives more power to the cause The Shield has taken upon themselves to cure the WWE of the injustices they have been fighting so much to get rid of. It would not only be an individual accomplishment for Ambrose in his first title reign but it would strengthen the cause of The Shield.
  17. Of course it's a bad thing! The shield are complete but pirates and don't have enough talent to be champions, they have been defeated. WWE will go to crap if any of them get any title.
  18. The shield are great, but I don't know why they are giving him the US title, they are pushing the shield as the main draw on most shows, they get more screen time than most and yet the singles title Ambrose will end up with has less credibility than the Women's Championship, I had always thought he'd be pushed a little higher up the card considering they've been fighting the tag team champs, world champ and The Undertaker recently...seems a bit of a drop down?
  19. Yes i agree they suck they should give the US championship to someone really talented like Miz or Khali
  20. Or Cena :otunga: