If ET Was Real

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  1. I am having random thoughts... But if ET was real and showed up in your backyard, what would you do?
    I am going to guess outside of maybe @deth , most American's would shoot him. lmao
  2. Bend over :gusta:

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  3. Is that possible? I mean what if he just sat in your backyard for weeks. lol
  4. [​IMG]
  5. I don't see how not. I don't have a backyard, I live in an apartment, so it would be pretty easy for me to not give a fuck about it wherever it was as long as it wasn't in my truck or apartment
  6. :isee:
  7. I've never seen ET, he just sits in their backyard until they find him? I honestly wouldn't go near the ugly fucking thing. :eww:
  8. Well the kid is in the backyard and I believe ET was in his shed.
  9. A pack of rybacks?
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  10. No, Just a pack of Onfronts :haha:
  11. If ET was in my backyard I wouldn't see it because i don't go outside :jeritroll:
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  12. Id abduct him and sell him to the media for a grip of cash.
  13. Dissect it......with my penis :silva:
  14. I'd go and hide my ass in my house and not come out until it left. I would be afraid it had been spying on my home and wanted to murder me.
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  15. He'd kick your candy ass.

    I'd probably gather a group of friends or something, get drunk/stoned, and try and communicate with it. Be like watsup homie wanna play CoD? Make him/her a Skype, block Jonathan immediately, and then make him/her a WWEF acc.
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  16. Well I wouldn't wanna be shot either. LOL
  17. Marked for blocking Jonosapien
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  18. UFO bro? Phone home bro?
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  19. Aids be like "ET phone bro? Mics bro?" lmao