If I was Admin.....

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    BrockLesnarFanForLife ...... [​IMG]

    Lady Deathbane would be my queen

    Britanica would be my bitch.

    DavidTheGiant would be my slave.

    This still counts as Off Topic. No need to close thread. I've seen threads about Pizza Time and shit....so....back off!
  2. But, I'd probably fuck everything else up.
  3. LMFAO that's my ringtone

    Senhor used to have it as his as well
  4. I used to sing it in school with some friends as like a joke in the middle of class. It's a classic.
  5. Just to piss you off.....

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. [​IMG]
  8. Lol. I bet you would like my new status too:
    "The only thing Danielson fears more than Rammstein is the quirkiness of AJ Lee and her fans. ^_^"
  9. I thought you blocked me, goat boy?

  10. [​IMG]

  11. [​IMG]
  12. LQ JWAB; You stupid bitch <3

    and btw; hav u seen my fb msg u lil fuk?
  13. You suck.
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  15. That's trippy.