If it brought back D'Z

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  1. Would you Ban Blffl, or Make me moderator? If you think it would take both, that makes sense.

    Ryan Steve is one of the greatest accomplishments of WWEF, and Crayo acts hard about it, but secretly he creeps on WF and even makes random user accounts to bring him back. Ladies and Gentlemen, that is only evidence A.

    This is the petition to get D'Z a big enough thread his ego brings him back to our forums. He probably isnt even close to as appreciated at WF, i mean look how they treated KellyKellyfan. Sign, post a stupid gif, or ignore the thread entirely. Dolph'sZiggler i heard FTJ beat you in your fantasy football league.
  2. [​IMG]
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  3. Begging for a traitor to come back? Psssh.
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  4. Traitor? No, a brother.

    Fuck you fooq and your cheap wins. Coon can i get that link one more time?
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  5. [​IMG] ?
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  6. Exactly.
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  7. Fourth wall = destroyed.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. No & Yes.
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  10. He has such a NXT name.

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  11. Also wtf is "it" ?
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