If Jericho Was Ever Gonna Formally Retire...

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by The GOAT, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. ...then doing so against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania in one final encounter between the two would be perfect. Jericho says he can't stand AJ being in the WWE and wants him gone from the promotion completely if he can beat him at Wrestlemania. Styles in return says he wants Y2J to do the very same if he can defeat him one more time... To walk out the doors and promise that we will never see him again.
  2. I believe there was an interview with WhatCulture where Y2J said if he were to retire, there isn't gonna be a retirement match or anything, he'll just say that's it and walk away.
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  3. Yeah, I remember hearing that too. He said he'll just disappear for good.
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  4. He'll be disappearing after Mania either way.
  5. I know, but that's what I worded the thread title the way I did. If he were gonna have an official retirement match, I'm just saying that this would a pretty ideal storyline to do it in. He said on his DVD back around 2010 or so that he didn't want the glorious exit to his career like so many legends have, he wanted to stay true to his character to the very end and be forced to leave the company as a heel and have fans glad that they finally don't have to see him anymore.
  6. Face or heel, I don't know when there's been a retired wrested people were glad they weren't gonna see anymore. Maybe just Batista but we all know why.
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  7. Yeah he isn't going to make it a thing. He is just going to retire. I believe that was actually in someone else's video I can't remember who, maybe HBK's?
  8. I am betting on him having a run where he does WWE for 6+ months and leave after a big SS match or a WM. Jericho is the man, no if's and's or but's about it.
  9. This would be the perfect oppurtunity for Y2J is quietly retire. I don't think anyone else on the roster will give him as good as a match as AJ Styles. They have a good storyline with them being 2 big stars from different wrestling world's settling their feud at the biggest event of the year with maybe the highest at attendance ever.
  10. Retiring? Jericho invented that.